Galileo spacecraft

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Galileo spacecraft

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While enroute to Jupiter, the Galileo probe made flybys of the Earth's Moon in 1990 and 1992. During these flybys the spacecraft returned many reasonably detailed images of the lunar surface.

Additional Information

  • The images obtained during Galileo's lunar flybys (including date, time and spacecraft location for each) can be retrieved from NASA's Planetary Missions Index using the Galileo Product Search by checking "Moon" under Target Name. Note that longitudes are measured westwards (opposite to the usual convention) and "Targ Cent Dist" is the distance from the spacecraft to the Moon's center in kilometers.
  • In the 1994 Unified Lunar Control Network, Galileo images were among those used to establish control points in previously poorly-imaged parts of the Moon.

LPOD Articles


Sky and Telescope, october 1993, pages 66-67; Exploring the moon's south pole, Alan MacRobert.