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We all want to see the typical sort of lunar surface once depicted in pre-spaceflight illustrations and paintings, and also in Sci-Fi movies from the fifties. Several illustrators, artists, and cinematographers wanted to show us a "craquelé " appearance, just like certain terrestrial surfaces in regions of absolute drought

The contributors of the LROC site created interesting articles to let us know about the cracked appearance which was once painted by pre-spaceflight artists and illustrators!

LROC Articles

Post N°159 - Polygonal Fractures on Tycho ejecta deposits -
Post N°297 - Fragmented Impact Melt at Giordano Bruno -
Post N°352 - Fractured Impact Melt in Thales -
Post N°464 - Fractured Melt Rock in Jackson -
Post N°485 - Cracked Mound in Anaxagoras -
Post N°493 - Boulder on the edge and crackled surface in Grotrian -
Post N°551 - Egede A channelized melt -
Post N°791 - Fractures and Boulders in De Forest -

Illustrations, paintings, and sci-fi movies

- George Pal's Destination Moon (1950)


- Craquelure

Arc-shaped parallel crevasses

Lots of wonderful examples of arc-shaped parallel crevasses are detectable on the floor of farside crater Crookes (see the LROC's High-Resolution NAC images).

LROC Articles

Post N°71 - More Impact Melt in Moore F -
Post N°413 - Necho -
Post N°472 - Fractures in Ohm's melt -
Post N°474 - Melt Fractures in Jackson -
Post N°475 - Dense fractures in Larmor Q -

Illustrations and paintings of lunar arc-shaped crevasses

- Perhaps the best example of this kind of surface formation is Chesley Bonestell's lunar panorama which shows a system of arc-shaped crevasses, see the 2nd section of that panorama in Fabio Femino's Page 5 of Chesley Bonestell's art:
- The cover illustration of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction of July 1959 also shows a lunar crevasse (also painted by Chesley Bonestell). In this painting, an eight-wheeled crawler and three astronauts are standing very near a broad and very deep crevasse. On the bottom-floor of the crevasse there are several series of artificial lights which reveal the presence of some sort of alien civilization.


- Chesley Bonestell:
- Crevasse

More or less related topics

- The officially unnamed system of arcuate fractures south of Arago in Mare Tranquillitatis. This system was once described by author Piero Leonardi in his wonderful book Volcanoes and Impact Craters on the Moon and Mars (1970). For a close-up of Leonardi's arcuate fractures, see:
- Floor Fractured Craters (FFC), see wikispaces-page:

Possible skylights in the crevasses on the floor of Philolaus:

- Lee, P. (2018) Possible Lava Tube Skylights Discovered Near The North Pole of the Moon - SETI Institute and Mars Institute on 11 January 2018.