Dorsum Bucher

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Dorsum Bucher

Lat: 31.0°N, Long: 39.0°W, Length: 90 km, Height: km, Rükl: 9



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- Dorsum Bucher was captured on four of Apollo 15's orbital ITEK-panoramic frames:
AS15-P-10306 and 10311. Both stereoscopic frames show the north-northwestern part of Dorsum Bucher (scroll to the right, beyond the centre of both frames).
AS15-P-10304 and 10309. Both stereoscopic frames show the south-southeastern part of Dorsum Bucher, with its somewhat rectilinear "coffin"-shaped oblong hill-like extension (scroll to the right, slightly beyond the centre of both frames). This oblong hill is called Mons Bucher by D.Caes.
- Apollo 15's orbital Hasselblad frame AS15-92-12475 shows the south-southeastern extension of Dorsum Bucher. Note the curious rectilinear "coffin"-like shape of the elongated Mons Bucher.
- It (Mons Bucher) is also noticeable "at about 2 o'clock" from the centre of Apollo 15's Fairchild-metric mapping frame AS15-M-2741.
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Dorsum Bucher

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- Walter Herman; American geologist (1889-1965).
- The rectilinear-looking oblong hill at the south-southeastern end of Dorsum Bucher is unofficially called Mons Bucher by Danny Caes.

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About Walter Herman Bucher:
Don E. Wilhelms: To a Rocky Moon, a geologist's history of Lunar Exploration (University of Arizona Press, 1993).