De La Rue

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De La Rue

Lat: 59.19°N, Long: 52.93°E, Diam: 135.22 km, Depth: 3.59 km, Rükl: 6

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LO IV-165-h1


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(IAU Directions) DE LA RUE.--Notwithstanding its great extent, this formation hardly deserves a distinctive name, as from the lowness of its border it is scarcely traceable in its entirety except under very oblique light. Schmidt, nevertheless, draws it with very definite walls, and shows several ridges and small rings in the interior. Among these objects, a little W. of the centre, there is a prominent peak.


De La Rue

Additional Information

An ancient large crater between De La Rue and Endymion?

  • There seems to be an ancient hidden large crater between De La Rue and Endymion, see SLC map B1 (System of Lunar Craters, 1966).


  • Named for Warren de la Rue (18 January 1815 – 19 April 1889) a British astronomer and chemist, most famous for his pioneering work in astronomical photography. Thirteen of De La Rue's photos, as published by Smith, Beck and Beck, can be seen in the Patrick Moore Collection (plates labeled "THE MOON" at top).
  • De La Rue was called Epicurius by Schmidt (Whitaker, Appendix L, page 224).

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