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Cherrington: Exploring the moon through binoculars (1968)

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1988 Dover version


A classic and popular observing guide. Although well illustrated, it has more text and historical background than most of its competitors. Written just before the first manned landings on the Moon, it includes a number of views taken by the earlier spacecraft, such as Lunar Orbiter.

Additional Information

  • Table of Contents
    • Invitation
    • Selecting Binoculars
    • How to Find the Moon
    • The Man in the Moon and Other Features
    • How the Moon Behaves
    • Selenography
    • A Month with the Moon
    • One-Day Moon
    • Two-Day Moon
    • ..
    • Twenty-Eight-Day Moon
    • The New World of Tomorrow
    • The Charts
    • The Gazetteer
    • Reference Books
  • Although the original title (and introduction) might suggest this book describes only the coarest features observable through handheld binoculars, it is really oriented more towards amateur telescopic observation. This impression was corrected in the revised title of the Dover edition, published in 1984.
  • Cherrington's Gazetteer gives a concise description of the Moon's primary features including estimates of their diameters and depths (in miles and feet). Cherrington's estimates (converted to metric) were included in the Kurt Fisher crater depths database, and are listed on the present Wiki pages, where available.
  • A searchable Limited Preview of this title is available on Google books

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