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Lunar (& Planetary) Science and Engineering

at 18

Providence, RI


Brown has been a powerhouse over the last 35 years, producing dozens of PhDs who have been active in lunar and planetary science and mission operations. Brown faculty and students have participated in many NASA missions since Viking in the mid-70s, including the current Indian lunar orbiter Chandranyaan-1 and the American Mercury orbiter Messenger. Major strengths include geology and remote sensing, petrology, geophysics, ad integrating all of these to form hypothesizes about how planets work. Brown has a very popular undergraduate planetary science course, Geo 5, and various opportunities for undergrads to participate in research and missions. 

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18 student, faculty & alumni: Please add more that would allow a high school or college student to understand what lunar opportunities there are for them at 18.


Planetary Geosciences Group