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Bowen-Apollo (Apollo 17 site craterlet name)

Lat: 20.3°N, Long: 30.9°E, Diam: 0 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 25

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Note: this crater (Bowen-Apollo) seems to have been called SWP (Science Working Panel) during the excursions of Apollo 17 in december 1972.
This panorama (assembled by Bob Fry from Gene Cernan's color photographs made at Station 8) shows a westward oblique view of the SWP crater, aka Bowen-Apollo (captured between the LRV and Family Mountain). Of the same panorama, frame AS17-146-22389 shows SWP/ Bowen-Apollo at centre.
Bowen-Apollo (SWP crater) is also visible below South Massif and Family Mountain in this panorama, also assembled by Bob Fry (from Jack Schmitt's B-and-W photographs made at Station 8). Of the same panorama, frames AS17-142-21727 and 21728 show the SWP crater (aka Bowen-Apollo) below South Massif and Family Mountain.
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The Landing Site Name "Bowen-Apollo" is plotted on Topophotomap 43D1/S1 and Site Traverses chart 43D1S2.
  • Bowen (crater) - "Norman L. Bowen, geologist, performed experiments on the crystallization of silicate liquids that led the way to our present understanding of the origin and evolution of igneous rocks; an understanding which is now a critical element in our interpretations of lunar history." Bowen Crater is near geology Station 8 which Cernan and Schmitt visited on their third EVA (source: APOLLO LUNAR SURFACE JOURNAL, Eric M. Jones).

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Bowen-Apollo (correct link)

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  • Astronaut-named feature, Apollo 17 site, approved in IAU Transactions XVIB (1976).
  • The "-Apollo" suffix distinguishes this from the much larger crater which had been named Bowen in 1973 (or before?). There does not appear to be any surviving documentation as to whether the Apollo program name was intended to honor the same person or not.

Bowen-Apollo or Henry-Apollo?

  • There seems to be some kind of confusion, because page 304 of David M. Harland's book Exploring the Moon; the Apollo expeditions (1999) shows an annotated map of the Taurus-Littrow valley, with the name Bowen-Apollo at the crater south of Station 6, and not at the crater west of Station 8. And to make the situation much more confusing, the crew called the crater south of Station 6 Henry the navigator, and not Bowen-Apollo. The crater officially known as Bowen-Apollo (west of Station 8) was called SWP (Science Working Panel). - DannyCaes Dec 13, 2012
  • Henry (which, I think, should be called Henry-Apollo to avoid confusion with the officially named craters Henry and Henry Freres). - DannyCaes Nov 22, 2016

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David M. Harland: EXPLORING THE MOON, the Apollo expeditions.