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Lat: 9.9°S, Long: 172.1°W, Diam: 54 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)
left: LROC Amici at upper right, upper left satellite T; below from left to right satellites R, P and M
Right: USGS Digital Atlas - Color-coded LAC 86. Situated not very far from the northern rim of the South Pole Aitken Basin, Amici lies in very rugged terrain. A slight peak-like shadow in the central region can be seen in the left image above, but like the crater itself, overall degradation of the crater and possible peak has occcured.


LPOD Photo Gallery Lunar Orbiter Images

  • View of color-coded relief map draped over three-dimensional Moon on NASA World Wind
  • Frame 53, made by ZOND 8, shows Amici near the frame's left margin, at the same height of the frame's central cross. Research: Danny Caes


(LAC zone 86C2) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


Description: Wikipedia


Additional Information


  • Named for Giovanni Battista Amici (March 25, 1786 - April 10, 1863), an Italian astronomer and microscopist who invented the dipleidoscope, an instrument used to determine true noon. His name is best known for the improvements he effected in the mirrors of reflecting telescopes and especially in the construction of the microscope. Two frequently encountered kinds of optical prisms are named after him.

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