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Apollo Intermediate Charts

(glossary entry)


The Apollo Intermediate Chart series was prepared by a predecessor of the DMA between 1965 and 1967. These charts were meant to supplement the LAC map series. They each cover one-quarter of an LAC zone, permitting the features to be shown with greater detail. The 20 maps prepared all fall in the Moon’s equatorial zone and were based on photographic evidence supplemented by visual observations at the Lowell Observatory. Each zone was printed both (on the front) in a labeled form similar to the LAC's and (on the reverse side) in a second form without the labels but with regions of interest highlighted and notes about them by the observer.

Additional Information

  • Both versions of each of the 20 regions mapped in the AIC Series can be downloaded from the LPI website.
  • See History of the LAC maps for more about the production of this very closely related series produced for targeting the first Lunar Orbiter missions to photograph potential Surveyor and Apollo landing sites.
  • Although the AIC series show more detail than the LAC's, the observer notes frequently refer to still smaller details and features not represented in the airbrushed renderings.


LAC 77

external image AIC77A_Area6_LAC77.jpg

external image AIC77A_Area6_LTVT.jpg

external image AIC77A_Area6_LO4108H.jpg

external image ACIC77A_Area6_LRO-WAC.jpg

    • According to observer James Greenacre's notes to AIC 77, the region depicted ("Area 6," in the upper right of the all linked images) was scrutinized especially closely, yet only a little of the detail added was found by Lunar Orbiter.
    • Although the LRO WAC view has considerable geometric distortion in need of professional correction, it is sufficient to confirm that most of the added detail, including the prominent diagonal ridge and rille, are imaginary.

LAC 60

external image AIC60C_Area5_LAC50.JPG

external image AIC60C_Area5_LTVT.JPG

external image AIC60C_Area5_L05075M.JPG

    • According to the notes, of the "enhancements" in the AIC map, those on the left side of "Area 5" are based on Ranger VIII photos and are quite accurate. The right hand side was enhanced visually by the observer, Leonard J. Martin and does not have the same reliability. The 2-km diameter crater shown above the "5" was not found by Lunar Orbiter.

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