Lunar Palus

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List of Lunar Palus (I.A.U.).

Palus Epidemiarum
Palus Putredinis
Palus Somni

Discontinued names

Hevelius's nomenclature

- Palus Amadoca (Mare Humboldtianum).
- Amara, Paludes (Mare Spumans and Mare Undarum).
- Arabia, Paludes (low-albedo region de Gasparis/ Palmieri).
- Palus Archerusia (Julius Caesar).
- Palus Areesa (low-albedo region southwest of Fracastorius).
- Palus Byces (Sinus Amoris).
- Cimmeriae, Paludes (Lacus Bonitatis, etc.).
- Hyperboreae, Paludes (vague low-albedo region north of Berzelius).
- Inferiores, Paludes (ray north-northeast from Bessel, at Mare Serenitatis).
- Palus Lychnitis (low-albedo region southwest of Santbech).
- Palus Maeotis (Mare Crisium).
- Palus Mantiana (low-albedo region southeast of Fracastorius).
- Palus Maraeotis (Grimaldi).
- Orient, Paludes (northwest edge of Oceanus Procellarum).
- Palaestinae, Paludes (unknown).
- Paludes (east-southeastern limb region).
- Superiores, Paludes (faint bright line, western part Mare Serenitatis).
Source: Appendix E (pages 201-208) in Ewen A. Whitaker's Mapping and Naming the Moon: a History of Lunar Cartography and Nomenclature.

Riccioli's nomenclature

- Palus Nebularum (Marsh of Fogs); was Riccioli's name for the region at Aristillus, Theaetetus, and Cassini. The Hallwag moonmap is one of the modern maps which shows the name Palus Nebularum.
- Palus Nimborum (Marsh of Rain Clouds); was Riccioli's name for the region slightly southwest of Sinus Medii.

Modern nomenclature (lunar spaceflight related)

- Palus Solitatis, might have been the name of the low-albedo region near crater Andersson, at centre of the Mendel-Rydberg Basin. Unfortunately, it was not approved by the IAU. Long before all of this, it already received a name by Franz: Mare Parvum. See also page Luna Incognita.