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Lat: 42.4°S, Long: 88.6°W, Diam: 36 km, Depth: 4.97 km, Rükl: 61

external image normal_Graff_LO-IV-194H_LTVT.JPG


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(LAC zone 123C2) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


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Additional Information


  • Named for Kasimir Romuald Graff (1878-1950), a Polish-German astronomer.
  • Whitaker does not explain the origin of this name, which the on-line IAU Planetary Gazetteer lists as having been approved in 1970. Although Graff appears in the cumulative list of approved names in IAU Transactions XVB, it is not clear precisely when and where it was approved. - Jim Mosher
  • In certain catalogs of open star clusters, the cluster known as IC 4756 in the constellation Serpens Cauda is called (or catalogued as) Graff (or: Graff 1, Graff's Cluster). Is this name related to the astronomer Kasimir Romuald Graff? Did he investigated this cluster? - DannyCaes Feb 15, 2014
  • And indeed, the name Kasimir Graff is mentioned in the Italian Wikipedia page for cluster IC 4756. - DannyCaes Feb 15, 2014

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