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Don Wilhelms: Geologic History of the Moon

(US Geological Survey Professional Paper 1348)



This detailed book gives Wilhelms' view of the geologic processes that have shaped the Moon's visible surface; and, as a result, his conclusions regarding the relative ages of the various features.

Additional Information

  • Though long out of print, this book was scanned by personnel of the Northwestern University Center for Planetary Sciences and is now freely available over the internet, as a whole or in indivdual chapters, by courtesy of the Arizona State University School of Earth and Space Exploration .

Chapters include:

  • 1. General features
  • 2. The stratigraphic approach
  • 3. Crater materials
  • 4. Basin materials-Orientale
  • 5. Mare materials
  • 6. Structure
  • 7. Relative ages
  • 8. Pre-Nectarian system
  • 9. Nectarian System
  • 10. Lower Imbrian Series
  • 11. Upper Imbrian Series
  • 12. Eratosthenian System
  • 13. Copernican System
  • 14. Summary

The book includes a series of color plates highlighting the surface features on both the near and farside that Wilhelms associates with his six age groups (the titles of chapters 8-13).

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  • Wilhelms, Don E.; McCauley, John F.; and Trask, Newell Jefferson. 1987. The geologic history of the moon. Washington : Dept. of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey ; Denver, CO. 302 p., 12 p. of plates : ill., maps (some col.) ; 38 cm.