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Kuiper et al.: Photographic Lunar Atlas (1960)

(glossary entry)

Table of Contents

[#Kuiper et al.: Photographic Lunar Atlas (1960) Kuiper et al.: Photographic Lunar Atlas (1960)]
[#Kuiper et al.: Photographic Lunar Atlas (1960)-Description Description]
[#Kuiper et al.: Photographic Lunar Atlas (1960)-Additional Information Additional Information]
[#Kuiper et al.: Photographic Lunar Atlas (1960)-LPOD Articles LPOD Articles]
[#Kuiper et al.: Photographic Lunar Atlas (1960)-Bibliography Bibliography]


Additional Information

  • This large red box of printed photographs was prepared under contract to the United States Air Force and is sometimes referred to as the USAF Photographic Lunar Atlas. There was apparently both a civilian and an Air Force version, although I never saw the latter. - tychocrater tychocrater Oct 7, 2007
    • This thread on a lunar discussion forum includes a photo of the Air Force edition, in which the photos appear to have been mounted on black paper, as in a traditional photo album, rather than boxed.
  • The work is said to contain 281 illustrations including 212 photos (from a number of observatories) presented at a uniform scale and showing the selected regions with various illuminations. These printed map sheets were used for measurements of crater diameters reported in the [/System%20of%20Lunar%20Craters System of Lunar Craters] catalog.
  • A list of changes to the lunar nomenclature proposed in [/PLA%20Table%20III Table III] were later approved by the IAU.
  • The original atlas was complemented by four promised supplements published in the following years:
    [/Orthographic%20Atlas%20of%20the%20Moon Orthographic Atlas of the Moon] (1960)
    [/Rectified%20Lunar%20Atlas Rectified Lunar Atlas] (1963)
    [/Consolidated%20Lunar%20Atlas Consolidated Lunar Atlas] (1967)
    • Note: the [/Consolidated%20Lunar%20Atlas Consolidated Lunar Atlas] counts as two supplements, providing separate parts with high and low sun views.

LPOD Articles


  • Kuiper, G. P.; Arthur, D. W. G.; Moore, E.; Tapscott, J. W.; and Whitaker, E. A. 1960. Photographic Lunar Atlas Based on Photographs Taken at the Mount Wilson, Lick, Pic du Midi, McDonald and Yerkes Observatories. Nat. Sci. Foundation (Contract AF-19(604)-3873).
  • [/LPL Whitaker, 1985] includes details of the development of the Photographic Lunar Atlas, for which Kuiper began collecting images as early as 1955
  • Copy sold at Christies

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