Photographic Atlas of the Moon

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Kopal et al. Photographic Atlas of the Moon

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Landmark collection of high-resolution lunar photographs obtained at the Pic du Mid Observatory in France and presented and interpreted by scientists at the University of Manchester (UK).

Additional Information

  • Contents:
    • Meet the Moon
      • Facts and Figures
      • The Moon - an Alien World
      • Radiation from the Moon and the Nature of the Lunar Surface
    • Photography of the Moon
    • Basic Data
    • Atlas of the Moon
    • List of Plates
    • Skeleton Map of the Moon by Antonín Rükl
    • Named Lunar Formations

  • Contributions from the University of Manchester group are acknowledged in the legends to NASA's LAC maps.

  • Superseded by A New Photographic Atlas integrating images taken from space (see Bibliography).

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