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[/Special%20Features%20Lists Special Features Lists]

[/Nomenclature-Country Nomenclature-Country]

Lunar features sorted by country.


[/Abbe Abbe]
[/Aepinus Aepinus]
[/Montes%20Agricola Montes Agricola]
[/Alder Alder]
[/Annegrit Annegrit]
[/Ansgarius Ansgarius]
[/Apianus Apianus]
[/Argelander Argelander]
[/Arnold Arnold]
[/Auwers Auwers]
[/Vallis%20Baade Vallis Baade]
[/Back Back]
[/Bartels Bartels]
[/Bayer Bayer]
[/Beer Beer]
[/Behaim Behaim]
[/Bessel Bessel]
[/Bilharz Bilharz]
[/Bode Bode]
[/Rimae%20Bode Rimae Bode]
[/Boguslawsky Boguslawsky]
[/Bohnenberger Bohnenberger]
[/Born Born]
[/Bosh Bosh]
[/Buch Buch]
[/Bunsen Bunsen]
[/Burckhardt Burckhardt]
[/B%C3%BCsching Büsching]
[/C.%20Mayer C. Mayer]
[/Cantor Cantor]
[/Chladni Chladni]
[/Vallis%20Christel Vallis Christel]
[/Clausius Clausius]
[/Clavius Clavius]
[/Dorsum%20Cloos Dorsum Cloos]
[/Cr%C3%BCger Crüger]
[/Curtius Curtius]
[/Cusanus Cusanus]
[/D%27Arrest D'Arrest]
[/Debes Debes]
[/Debus Debus]
[/Dechen Dechen]
[/Mons%20Dieter Mons Dieter]
[/Dirichlet Dirichlet]
[/Doerfel Doerfel]
[/Doppelmayer Doppelmayer]
[/Rimae%20Doppelmayer Rimae Doppelmayer]
[/Dove Dove]
[/Drude Drude]
[/Drygalski Drygalski]
[/Ehrlich Ehrlich]
[/Eichstadt Eichstadt]
[/Eimmart Eimmart]
[/Encke Encke]
[/Fauth Fauth]
[/Fechner Fechner]
[/Finsch Finsch]
[/Fischer Fischer]
[/Franck Franck]
[/Franz Franz]
[/Fraunhofer Fraunhofer]
[/Freundlich Freundlich]
[/Galle Galle]
[/Ganswindt Ganswindt]
[/G%C3%A4rtner Gärtner]
[/Rima%20G%C3%A4rtner Rima Gärtner]
[/Gauss Gauss]
[/Geiger Geiger]
[/Geissler Geissler]
[/Glauber Glauber]
[/Goclenius Goclenius]
[/Rimae%20Goclenius Rimae Goclenius]
[/Goldschmidt Goldschmidt]
[/Graff Graff]
[/Grotrian Grotrian]
[/Gruithuisen Gruithuisen]
[/Mons%20Gruithuisen%20Delta Mons Gruithuisen Delta]
[/Mons%20Gruithuisen%20Gamma Mons Gruithuisen Gamma]
[/Guericke Guericke]
[/Gutenberg Gutenberg]
[/Rimae%20Gutenberg Rimae Gutenberg]
[/Guthnick Guthnick]
[/Haber Haber]
[/Hahn Hahn]
[/Hainzel Hainzel]
[/Harding Harding]
[/Hartmann Hartmann]
[/Hartwig Hartwig]
[/Hase Hase]
[/Hausen Hausen]
[/Hayn Hayn]
[/Heinsius Heinsius]
[/Heis Heis]
[/Helmert Helmert]
[/Helmholtz Helmholtz]
[/Hertz Hertz]
[/Hilbert Hilbert]
[/Hoffmeister Hoffmeister]
[/Hohmann Hohmann]
[/Hommel Hommel]
[/Houtermans Houtermans]
[/Humboldt Humboldt]
[/Catena%20Humboldt Catena Humboldt]
[/Mare%20Humboldtianum Mare Humboldtianum]
[/Ideler Ideler]
[/Jacobi Jacobi]
[/Montes%20Jura Montes Jura]
[/Kant Kant]
[/K%C3%A4stner Kästner]
[/Kekul%C3%A9 Kekulé]
[/Kepler Kepler]
[/Kies Kies]
[/Kinau Kinau]
[/Kirch Kirch]
[/Kircher Kircher]
[/Kirchhoff Kirchhoff]
[/Klaproth Klaproth]
[/Klein Klein]
[/Koch Koch]
[/Kohlsch%C3%BCtter Kohlschütter]
[/Kolh%C3%B6rster Kolhörster]
[/Kopff Kopff]
[/Rimae%20Kopff Rimae Kopff]
[/Krafft Krafft]
[/Catena%20Krafft Catena Krafft]
[/Krieger Krieger]
[/Rima%20Krieger Rima Krieger]
[/Kugler Kugler]
[/Kundt Kundt]
[/Kunowsky Kunowsky]
[/Lade Lade]
[/Lambert Lambert]
[/Laue Laue]
[/Lehmann Lehmann]
[/Leibnitz Leibnitz]
[/Lenard Lenard]
[/Lichtenberg Lichtenberg]
[/Liebig Liebig]
[/Rupes%20Liebig Rupes Liebig]
[/Lindenau Lindenau]
[/Lohrmann Lohrmann]
[/Lohse Lohse]
[/Ludwig Ludwig]
[/Luther Luther]
[/M%C3%A4dler Mädler]
[/Maestlin Maestlin]
[/Rimae%20Maestlin Rimae Maestlin]
[/Marius Marius]
[/Rima%20Marius Rima Marius]
[/Marth Marth]
[/Michelson Michelson]
[/Catena%20Michelson%20%28GIRD%29 Catena Michelson (GIRD)]
[/Milichius Milichius]
[/Rima%20Milichius Rima Milichius]
[/M%C3%B6bius Möbius]
[/Moltke Moltke]
[/Naumann Naumann]
[/Neander Neander]
[/Nernst Nernst]
[/Neumayer Neumayer]
[/Nicolai Nicolai]
[/N%C3%B6ggerath Nöggerath]
[/N%C3%B6ther%20%28Noether%29 Nöther (Noether)]
[/Ohm Ohm]
[/Oken Oken]
[/Olbers Olbers]
[/Opelt Opelt]
[/Rimae%20Opelt Rimae Opelt]
[/Dorsum%20Oppel Dorsum Oppel]
[/Ostwald Ostwald]
[/Palitzsch Palitzsch]
[/Vallis%20Palitzsch Vallis Palitzsch]
[/Pallas Pallas]
[/Paneth Paneth]
[/Paschen Paschen]
[/Mons%20Penck Mons Penck]
[/Petermann Petermann]
[/Peters Peters]
[/Pitiscus Pitiscus]
[/Planck Planck]
[/Vallis%20Planck Vallis Planck]
[/Prager Prager]
[/Prandtl Prandtl]
[/Prinz Prinz]
[/Rimae%20Prinz Rimae Prinz]
[/Regiomontanus Regiomontanus]
[/Reichenbach Reichenbach]
[/Reimarus Reimarus]
[/Reinhold Reinhold]
[/Repsold Repsold]
[/Rimae%20Repsold Rimae Repsold]
[/Riedel Riedel]
[/Riemann Riemann]
[/Ritter Ritter]
[/Rimae%20Ritter Rimae Ritter]
[/R%C3%B6ntgen Röntgen]
[/Rosenberger Rosenberger]
[/Rost Rost]
[/Rothmann Rothmann]
[/Rima%20Rudolf Rima Rudolf]
[/Mons%20R%C3%BCmker Mons Rümker]
[/Runge Runge]
[/Saenger Saenger]
[/Scheiner Scheiner]
[/Schickard Schickard]
[/Schiller Schiller]
[/Schliemann Schliemann]
[/Schl%C3%BCter Schlüter]
[/Schmidt Schmidt]
[/Schneller Schneller]
[/Sch%C3%B6nfeld Schönfeld]
[/Schorr Schorr]
[/Schr%C3%B6ter Schröter]
[/Rima%20Schr%C3%B6ter Rima Schröter]
[/Vallis%20Schr%C3%B6teri Vallis Schröteri]
[/Schumacher Schumacher]
[/Schwabe Schwabe]
[/Schwarzschild Schwarzschild]
[/Seeliger Seeliger]
[/Segner Segner]
[/Seidel Seidel]
[/Siedentopf Siedentopf]
[/Rima%20Siegfried Rima Siegfried]
[/Silberschlag Silberschlag]
[/Sommerfeld Sommerfeld]
[/S%C3%B6mmering Sömmering]
[/Montes%20Spitzbergen Montes Spitzbergen]
[/Sp%C3%B6rer Spörer]
[/Stark Stark]
[/Steinheil Steinheil]
[/Stiborius Stiborius]
[/Dorsa%20Stille Dorsa Stille]
[/St%C3%B6fler Stöfler]
[/T.%20Mayer T. Mayer]
[/Rima%20T.%20Mayer Rima T. Mayer]
[/Tempel Tempel]
[/Ten%20Bruggencate Ten Bruggencate]
[/Thiel Thiel]
[/Thiessen Thiessen]
[/Tiling Tiling]
[/Titius Titius]
[/Tralles Tralles]
[/Ukert Ukert]
[/Valier Valier]
[/Vega Vega]
[/Virchow Virchow]
[/Vogel Vogel]
[/von%20Baeyer von Baeyer]
[/von%20Behring von Behring]
[/von%20Braun von Braun]
[/Dorsum%20Von%20Cotta Dorsum Von Cotta]
[/Von%20der%20Pahlen Von der Pahlen]
[/Wallach Wallach]
[/Walter Walter]
[/Walther Walther]
[/Weber Weber]
[/Wegener Wegener]
[/Weierstrass Weierstrass]
[/Weigel Weigel]
[/Weiss Weiss]
[/Werner Werner]
[/Weyl Weyl]
[/Wichmann Wichmann]
[/Widmannst%C3%A4tten Widmannstätten]
[/Wiechert Wiechert]
[/Wildt Wildt]
[/Wilhelm Wilhelm]
[/Wilsing Wilsing]
[/Winkler Winkler]
[/W%C3%B6hler Wöhler]
[/Wolf Wolf]
[/Mons%20Wolff Mons Wolff]
[/Wurzelbauer Wurzelbauer]
[/Z%C3%A4hringer Zähringer]
[/Zinner Zinner]
[/Dorsum%20Zirkel Dorsum Zirkel]
[/Z%C3%B6llner Zöllner]

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