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Lat: 43.0°S, Long: 126.9°E, Diam: 59 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)

external image normal_carver-large.jpg


Left: Clementine image from PDS Map-A-Planet. Right: Color-coded Lac 117 from USGS Digital Atlas


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(LAC zone 117C2) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


Carver lies just inside the outermost ring (Diam., 2500 km) of the South Pole Aitken Basin to its south-east, and some 200 kilometres away from the outer ring (Diam., 880 km) of Mare Australe to its north-west -- both pre-Nectarian in age (4.6 to 3.92 bn years). The crater's appearance looks old and worn, and the true nature of its implied age may be due to several events that have altered its face -- from localised impacts on and around its rim, to wall collapse of its terraces that fill nearly a third of its floor, to ejecta deposits from the Schrodinger Basin (Imbrium in age) to its south. In the Clementine image above, the north-eastern section of the inner walls and terracing seems to have some sort of striations that run right in towards the central peak within the crater, however, this may only be an effect of lighting.- JohnMoore2

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George Washington; American botanist (1864-1943).

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