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van den Bos

Lat: 5.61°S, Long: 145.85°E, Diam: 25.5 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)

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LROC image WAC No. M118892250ME. Calibrated by LROC_WAC_Previewer.


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  • Craters van den Bos and nearby Tamm are noticeable on several of Apollo 17's oblique northward looking Fairchild frames in Revolution 27. Of Apollo 17's REV 27, frame AS17-M-0853 shows the couple van den Bos and Tamm immediately north-northeast ("to the right") of Marconi (the pronounced crater a bit leftward of the frame's centre). Both craters (van den Bos and Tamm) seem to have quite a "crackled" floor.
  • Close ups of the "crackled" floor of van den Bos are depicted at the central parts of Apollo 17's ITEK panoramic stereo-frames AS17-P-1780 and AS17-P-1785.
    • Research orbital Apollo 17 photography: Danny Caes
  • See also the Hi-Res scan of Lunar Orbiter 1's frame 115-h2 (van den Bos's "crackled" floor, depicted near the frame's lower left corner).
  • During the mission of Apollo 14 in february 1971, light and shadow at van den Bos's crackled floor was photographed by CMP Stuart Roosa on Hasselblad magazine 72-L, of which AS14-72-9954 shows most of its interior.- DannyCaes Jan 29, 2011


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van den Bos

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W. H. van den Bos in popular scientific literature:
Burnham's Celestial Handbook.

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