Rimae Daniell

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Rimae Daniell (I, II, III, and IV)

Lat: 37.0°N, Long: 26.0°E, Length: 200 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 14

external image normal_Rimae-Daniell_LO-IV-086H_LTVT.JPGLO-IV-086H
In this Lunar Orbiter view, the most prominent of the Rimae Daniell rilles slashes diagonally across Lacus Somniorum to the northeast of the bright 6-km Daniell D.


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(LAC zone 26C1) LAC map Geologic map


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Rimae Daniell

Additional Information


  • Named from nearby crater Daniell.
  • Called Rimae Daniell I, II, III, and IV on Chart 20 in the Times Atlas of the Moon. See also LAC 26.
  • Is there a name for the system of rilles on the floor of Daniell itself?
  • Daniell D, the crater nearby Rima Daniell II, seems to have been unofficially re-named John Lennon Peace Crater in october 2009, see LPOD Give Truth a Chance.

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