Rimae Archimedes

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Rimae Archimedes

Lat: 26.6°N, Long: 4.1°W, Length: 169 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 22

external image normal_Rimae_Archimedes_LAC41.jpg
LAC-41 This detail of an LAC map from 1963 identifies six Roman-numeralled rilles that were then associated with Archimedes. The entire complex is now known as Rimae Archimedes.


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  • An interpretation of Rimae Archimedes by John Moore based on Lunar Orbiter photo IV-109-H3 and the notations in the book by Charles Byrne. This image shows a small region to the southeast of Archimedes. As indicated on the LAC map, Rimae Archimedes was traditionally a system of six numbered rilles, mostly in or around the Montes Archimedes region. The upper row of red dots in the right hand image have been placed above a part of the traditional Rima Archimedes IV, while the lower dots suggest the location of a previously unnumbered branch.


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Rimae Archimedes

Additional Information


  • Named from nearby crater (Archimedes).
  • Catalog entries 1173-1184 in Mary Blagg's Collated List of 1913 are devoted to rilles associated with Archimedes, all of which were mapped by Neison, and a lesser number by Schmidt.
  • Based on the listing provided by the Army Map Service, the original IAU nomenclature of Blagg and Müller seems to have retained six of these. Their locations are plotted on the accompanying maps.
  • The System of Lunar Craters also has six rilles named after Archimedes, but as indicated on Quad Map D3, they seem to have been completely renamed from the designations used by Blagg and Müller. In particular, the former Archimedes I, III and IV have become Rima Bradley, with the Latinized designation Rima Archimedes I moving to a feature previously unrecognized by the IAU.
  • The designations on the LAC map reproduced above appear to be the same as those proposed in the System of Lunar Craters.
  • NASA SP-241 (not an official IAU publication), attempts to identify the IAU-named features on Lunar Orbiter photos. It lists five of the Archimedes rilles in its index (omitting #1), and makes the following identifications of the remainder with Collated List numbers: II=1175, III=1178, IV=1179, V=1180, VI=1182. With the exception of the omission of Rima Archimedes I, the numbering and identification in SP-241 appears to be the same as that in the LAC map reproduced above.
  • In 1973 the IAU expressed its intention of renaming multiple rille systems, and since then the status of the Roman-numeraled desginations has been unclear, with the former systems currently being referred to in their entirety as "rimae".
  • The current nomenclature maps in the IAU-approved USGS Digital Atlas label five rilles as part of Rimae Archimedes. These appear to include Rima Archimedes I of the System of Lunar Craters, but seem to omit its Rima Archimedes IV (possibly because labeling it would have created too much clutter?).

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