Rima T. Mayer

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Rima T. Mayer (Rima Tobias Mayer)

Lat: 13.0°N, Long: 31.0°W, Length: 50 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 30

external image normal_Rima-T-Mayer_LO-IV-133H_LTVT.JPG
LO-IV-133H Rima T. Mayer runs vertically down the the middle of the frame. Near the center there is a broad, low dome with what is probably an elongated vent near its summit. The horizontal stripe across the middle of the frame is a flaw in the film


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(LAC zone 57B2) LAC map Geologic map


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Rima T. Mayer

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Named from nearby crater. (T. Mayer)
Number 92 in Debra Hurwitz's Atlas and Catalog of Sinuous Rilles.

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