Rima G. Bond

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Rima G. Bond

Lat: 33.3°N, Long: 35.5°E, Length: 168 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 15

external image normal_posidonius_2007.03.25.jpg
Oliver Pettenpaul, Posidonius & Rima G. Bond (near the right margin of the image).


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Rima G. Bond

Additional Information

  • Rima G. Bond runs west of craters Hall and G. Bond. The northern part of it at Lacus Somniorum.
  • Chart 8 (page 29) in the 21st Century Atlas of the Moon (Wood/ Collins) shows Rima G. Bond pretty well (see location 1/2-D; G. Bond Rille).


  • Named from nearby crater. (G. Bond)
  • According to Chart 21 in the Times Atlas of the Moon, this rille (west of craters Hall and G. Bond) is called Rima G. Bond I (the first G. Bond rille). However, on that chart there is no trace of a second (II) or a third (III) Rima G. Bond. - DannyCaes Feb 4, 2014
  • There seems to be some confusion when the name Rima Bond is mentioned. Keep in mind that there is also a rille on the floor of W. Bond, although the name of this rille (Rima W. Bond) is not officially recognized by the IAU. - DannyCaes Jul 26, 2014

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