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LROC Gallery 2011



This page contains the year's list of image-links for 2011 which appear in the LROC Browse Gallery webpage. The images were all taken by cameras onboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft that launched in June 2009. See also the year's list for LROC Gallery 2010 and LROC Gallery 2009. - JohnMoore2

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Gallery 2011

29 June 2011

Tycho Central Peak Spectacular


Three wonderful NAC views (1, 2 and 3) of Tycho's central peak and surrounds. A YouTube video and Movie version - (not really movies but just across-scans of the above NAC scenes) are also included. The usual, more general overhead WAC view is also given, but the 'pièce de résistance' is the zoomable view here.

28 June 2011

Old Man River (of lava)


A NAC view of a portion of the Schröter's Valley rille which lies on the Aristarchus Plateau. See also the more general WAC view.

23 June 2011

Ghost Crater in Southern Mare Crisium


One NAC view featuring a wrinkle ridge on the rim of a ghost crater in the southern region of Mare Crisium - see the WAC view.

22 June 2011

Das Crater


NAC view of boulders and impact melt within Das crater (see WAC view for larger perspective of this crater - found near the South Pole Aitken Basin).

21 June 2011

Jenner Crater Mare Flooded Floor


One NAC showing a wrinkle ridge in Jenner crater (see also WAC view).

15 June 2011

Chaotic Crater Floor in Tycho


One NAC view of a complex jumble of impact melt, boulders and blocks on the floor of Tycho crater - seen more generally in a false-colour DTM WAC view.

14 June 2011

Polygonal Fractures on Tycho Ejecta Deposits


One NAC view of polygonal cracks in impact melt deposits thrown northwards from the Tycho crater (see the coloured WAC view for more).

9 June 2011

Frozen in Time


One NAC view of a series of boulders and their tracks after they came to stop at the bottom of a depression in Oceanus Procellarum - the general area of which can be seen in the two accompanying WAC views (1 and 2).

8 June 2011

Rubble Pile on Fresh Crater Floor


One NAC view of a crater near Rocca crater; consisting of rubble, boulders, cobbles, fine material and impact melt (see also the general WAC view).

7 June 2011

Dark Haloed Crater in Mare Humorum


One NAC view of a small, dark-haloed crater found north of Liebig J's (that is, west of Mare Humorum) high albedo ejecta deposits (see, too, the WAC view).

2 June 2011

Dry Debris or Liquid Flow?


One NAC view of dark, flow-like material on the inner wall of Stevinus A, whose uncertain nature may be that of impact melt or dry debris. The accompanying WAC view shows the general region in question.

1 June 2011

Look At That Flow!


One NAC view of rubbley-looking impact melt that presumably formed due the melt flowing through and over rubbley ejecta. A general WAC view of this feature found on the farside (Lat 23.99N, Long 209.94E) is also shown.

31 May 2011

Impact Melt in Anaxagoras Crater


One NAC view of an impact melt zone showing boulders suggested as having 'eroded' out of a hummock-like feature in Anaxagoras crater. See also the general WAC view.

26 May 2011

Fractured Impact Melt


One NAC view of a very smooth-looking impact melt region (with cracks) on the floor of Thales crater (seen in the accompanying WAC view).

25 May 2011

Granular Flow


Just a single NAC view showing a slide of mixed material (consisting of blocks, rocks and boulders) down the inner slope of Riccioli CA crater.

24 May 2011

Crater in Mare Humorum


One NAC view of a very fresh-looking crater showing all the characteristics of an impact that fractured the target rock into small boulder fragments. The WAC view shows the general region being discussed where the crater can be found in [[Mare+Humorum]].

19 May 2011

Steps in Slipher S


One NAC view of slumped, 'steps' with boulders strewn across the floor of Slipher S (seen in the more general WAC view).

18 May 2011

Dark Landslide Near van Gent Crater


One NAC view showing landslide material in a small crater south-west of van Gent crater (see in the general WAC view).

17 May 2011

Dark Surface Materials Surrounding Rima Marius.


One NAC view of dark versus lighter material where the Oceanus Procellarum mare meets the edge of Rima Marius (seen in the more general WAC view).

12 May 2011

Discontinuous Rilles


One NAC view of the discontinuous portion of Rima Marius at source (seen generally in the WAC view).

11 May 2011

Pancakes in a Melt Pond


One NAC view of a pancake-like mound on the floor of Stevinus crater (seen generally in the WAC view).

10 May 2011

Fault Scarp With Impact Melt in King Crater


Two NAC views (1 and 2) of the 'cross-cutting' relationship between impact melt (how and where and it fell) and a fault scarp in King crater (see the more general WAC image).

4 May 2011

King Crater Ejecta Deposits


One NAC view of 'deceleration lobes' (produced from lava flows literally coming to a halt on the terrain) in the ejecta deposits of King crater (see the more general WAC image).

3 May 2011

Anomalous Mounds on the King Crater Floor


One NAC view of unusual-looking 'mounds' within a large pool of impact melt on the floor of King Crater (see the more general WAC image).

2 May 2011

Wrinkled Planet


Two NAC views (1 and 2) of Lobate Scarps in a region within Seares crater.

28 Apr 2011

Slumping Rim of Darwin C


One NAC view of slumping and slumped blocks along the crater rim of Darwin C (seen generally in the WAC view.

27 Apr 2011

Another Small Volcano?


One close-up NAC view of dome on Eddington crater rim that looks, to all intents and purposes, like a volcano. A small summit crater lies smack in the dome's centre, however, the problem when looking at such features is deciding on whether this is actually a 'dome' or a 'volcano'? The bigger picture of ragionality (seen in the WAC view) can sometimes supply the answer.

26 Apr 2011

Forked Wrinkle Ridge


One NAC view of a forked, wrinkle ridge found south-east of Damoiseau E crater (seen generally in the WAC view).

21 Apr 2011

Action Shot


One NAC view of a wonderful display of ejecta from a small, un-named crater near Mare Undarum. In a more general view image, two additional impact features near the crater, display their own individual ejecta patterns.

20 Apr 2011

Slice of Mare


One NAC view showing a wedge-shaped ejecta ray-pattern near a crater in Mare Undarum. Characteristically, such patterns are seen around impact features where the initial impactor struck the surface at a low, oblique angle (see the WAC view).

19 Apr 2011

Lava Flows Exposed in Bessel Crater


One NAC view showing layering in interior wall-material at Bessel crater (seen generally in this WAC view).

18 Apr 2011

How Did I Form?


One NAC view of a small impact crater in Palitzsch B that seems to be mimicking the characteristic 'butterfly' effect as seen in low-angle, oblique impacts, which this may not be. A WAC view shows the general region of the small crater.

14 Apr 2011

Brisbane Z's Australean Wrinkle Ridge


One NAC view of a portion of the wrinkle ridge within the Brizbane S crater (seen generally in the WAC view).

13 Apr 2011

Bouldery Crater Near Mare Australe


One NAC view of a small crater near Mare Australe, showing a high density of boulders at its surrounds (see WAC view).

8 Apr 2011

Bright Ridge Near Mons Hansteen


One NAC view of high-reflectance boulders on top of a wrinkle ridge north-east of Mons Hansteen (seen generally in the WAC view).

6 Apr 2011

Crater Rim of Flamsteed P


One NAC view of a discontinuous ridge, showing the difference in material boundaries between the eastern rim of Flamsteed P and its basalt interior floor (seen generally in the WAC view).

5 Apr 2011

Fresh Crater on Oceanus Procellarum


One NAC view showing the contrast between two small craters - young and old - near Flamsteed P (seen in the more wider WAC view).

31 Mar 2011

Post-impact Modification of Klute W


NAC view of both slumped and fractured features on the southern rim of Klute W (seen in the WAC view).

24 Mar 2011

Boulder Clusters on a Ridge-crest


One NAC view of boulders on a wrinkle ridge south of Herman crater in Oceanus Procellarum - shown generally in a WAC view.

23 Mar 2011

Scouring Secondary Ejecta


Close-up NAC view of scouring marks on the edge of a small, secondary-formed crater located north-west of Henry Frères crater (seen in the general WAC view of the region close to the Orientale Basin).

22 Mar 2011

Small Crater in Oceanus Procellarum


One NAC view of just one of the many small craters that pepper the surface of Oceanus Procellarum. Such craters represent a brief history of events; whose remnant, material make-up hold geological significance and reference to formation of this mare region (see also the more general WAC view).

18 Mar 2011

The Moon As Seen By MESSENGER


A view of the Moon from MESSENGER's onboard WAC camera. Taken on July 31, 2005, the main purpose of this poor quality image was primarily to calibrate the camera and spectrometer. A comparison LROC view is also included.

16 Mar 2011

North Pole Mosaics and Movie


One WAC, stereographic mosaic view of the North Pole region, with an illuminated view of an area within the 88.0 N - 90N region (check out the YouTubevideo also).

15 Mar 2011



One NAC view of just a sample of the PDS 5 release (in this case, the Orientale Basin). This PDS-5 includes 69,505 'Experiment Data Record' (EDR) images totalling 8,498 Gb of imagery data and 69,528 of 'Calibrated Data Record' (CDR) images totalling 17,651 Gb.

14 Mar 2011

Barnstorming Linné Crater


One color-coded, shaded-relief view of Linné crater [see also the research paper - "Linné: Simple Lunar Mare Crater Geometry from LRO Observations" - (in PDF format) by Garvin, J. B. et al], along with a YouTube video of the crater.

11 March 2011

Farside! And All the Way Around

Long 0, Lat 0,
Long 60, Lat 0,
Long 120, Lat 0,
Long 180, Lat 0,
Long 240, Lat 0,
Long 360, Lat 0

Six WAC, orthographic mosaic views of the Moon. Comprising of over 15,000 images acquired by the WAC camera onboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, the results represent a global, high-resolution view (100m/pix) of the lunar surface taken between Nov 2009 and Feb 2011. Eight regional, equirectangular-projected views (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) are also included, along with both North Pole and South Pole views in stereographic projection.

10 Mar 2011

Right Angle


One NAC view of a lobate scarp located on the mare-filled floor in crater Karrer (seen more generally in the accompanying WAC view.

9 Mar 2011

Buckland Boulders


One NAC view of boulders and a bedrock outcrop associated to the wrinkle ridge region of Dorsum Buckland (seen more generally in the accompanying WAC view).

8 Mar 2011

Boulder in Recht Crater


One NAC view of a ~ 130 metre-long boulder located on the northern interior wall of Recht crater. The boulder may be ejecta that was emplaced during the creation of the crater itself (seen here in the broader WAC view).

7 Mar 2011

LROC K-12 Art Program

An art competition open only to American K-12 students to celebrate NASA's return to the Moon with LRO. Sponsored by LROC, participants are encouraged to submit artworks in relation to what the Moon means to them under the main caption "The Moon and me"
3 Mar 2011

Dark Halo Crater in Orientale!


One NAC view showing the contrast in lunar material at two neighbouring craters - each having excavated different materials at depth because of their size and impact dynamics. A WAC view shows the area concerned, which is found in the northern section of the Orientale Basin.

2 Mar 2011

Archimedes - Mare Flooded Crater!


One NAC view showing the contact region between the floor and wall of Archimedes crater (seen more generally in the WAC view).

1 Mar 2011

Rima Calippus


One close-up NAC view on a section of the rille that makes up Rima Calippus; showing boulders at a branching aspect within the region (seen in the broader WAC view).

25 Feb 2011

Fragmented Impact Melt


One NAC view of a crumbly, fragmented impact melt pond on the western floor area of Giordano Bruno crater - seen in a more general WAC view.

24 Feb 2011

Mounds in a Melt Pond


One NAC view showing mounds and depressions in impact melt on the floor of Laplace A. Included also is a colorful micro-topo, DLR map of the region in general.

23 Feb 2011

Dark Streaks in Diophantus Crater


One NAC view of dark streaks on the upper slopes of Diophantus crater, which may be composed of volcanic, pyroclastic materials. Included also is a colorful micro-topo, DLR map of the region in general.

21 Feb 2011

Nearside Spectacular


One WAC view (with annotated version) of the nearside face of the Moon. Constructed from over two weeks observations during December 2010, this mosaic comprises of ~1300 images taken by the Wide Angle Camera (WAC) onboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft. It is highly recommended to view the full-scaled mosaic here.

17 Feb 2011

Sinuous Chain of Depressions


One NAC view of a rimless depression and topographic high - belonging to a long sinuous chain of collapsed lava pits (see WAC) south-west of the Mons Gruithuisen Gamma region.

16 Feb 2011

Striated Blocks in Aristarchus Crater


Two NAC views (1 and 2) of what appears to be striation and banding features in blocks located at the north-eastern slopes of Aristarchus crater (a WAC view of the crater is also included).

15 Feb 2011

Farside Northern Highlands


One NAC view of craters - both big and small, old and young - located on a textured terrain found south of Cantor crater (seen in WAC view).

11 Feb 2011

Rimae Bürg


One NAC view of a portion of Rimae Bürg - showing a horst-graben fault region more generally seen in the WAC view included.

10 Feb 2011

Rima Bradley


One NAC view of Rima Bradley crossing a mare pond in the region. The accompanying WAC view shows the region concerned.

9 Feb 2011

Rupes Recta


One NAC view showing the cross-cutting, material-colour relationship between a small impact crater that has struck a particular western portion of the Rupes Recta fault - seen more generally in the WAC view.

7 Feb 2011

Sublunarean Void


One NAC view (with graphic) showing the Marius Hills' pit discovered last year (see here - 2 Mar 2010 entry). The lighting and shadow conditions this time around show what appears to be an overhang in the pit, and the floor of this open lava tube below.

4 Feb 2011

New View of Apollo-14


Two NAC views (1 and 2) of activities at the Apollo 14 landing site.

3 Feb 2011

Crater Mendeleev

High-rez view

One WAC view of the Mendellev Basin (annotated, and smaller version of the High-rez image).

2 Feb 2011

Inside Catena Mendeleev


One NAC view showing textural features seen in secondary craters that form part of Catena Mendeleev in the Mendellev Basin. A WAC view is also included to show the general region.

1 Feb 2011

Stratified Ejecta Blocks.


Two NAC views (1 and 2) of ejecta blocks containing layer-like, stratified features in a small crater northeast of Meshcherskiy crater.

28 Jan 2011

Challenger Astronauts Memorialized on the Moon


One WAC view of the craters (located within the Apollo Basin) named after the shuttle Challenger crew that unfortunately came to a sad end on Tuesday, January 28, 1986.

27 Jan 2011

Rille in Aitken Crater!


One NAC view of a rille (volcanic or tectonic in origin?) on Aitken's floor. A WAC view of its location is also included.

26 Jan 2011

Exposed Boulders in the Aitken Mare


One NAC view of a boulder field lying between two hills at the eastern inner slopes of Aitken crater. A WAC view of their location is also included.

21 Jan 2011

Terraced Craters in Aitken Crater


One NAC view of a small, unusual-looking terraced crater within Aitken crater (see also Concentric Craters). A WAC view showing the location of the crater is also included.

20 Jan 2011

Wrinkle Ridges in Aitken-Crater


One NAC view of a wrinkle ridge on the floor of Aitken crater (see the general location of the ridge in this WAC view).

19 Jan 2011

Approaching Aitken Crater-Vertregt-J


A continuation on the wonderful, oblique views surrounding Aitken crater (see 17 Jan below) - in this case showing an extreme close-up of Vertregt J crater. A WAC view is also included to show the general region.

17 Jan 2011

Aitken Central Peak, Seen Obliquely


Two NAC views (1 and 2 showing bright material on the southern end of Aitken crater (see more in the extraordinary zoomed version). A WAC view of the region photographed is also included.

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