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(formerly Schubert Z)

Lat: 0.3°N, Long: 78.1°E, Diam: 38 km, Depth: 3.04 km, Rükl: 38

external image normal_Jenkins_LO-I-025M_LTVT.JPGLO-I-025M The polygonal crater Jenkins is at center, sandwiched between 51-km Schubert X to the west and the bright inner wall of 20-km Schubert J on the east.


LPOD Photo Gallery Lunar Orbiter Images Apollo Images
A magnificent Hi-Res version of AS10-27-3881 shows Apollo 10's CSM Charlie Brown and crater Jenkins "above" it.
AS10-28-4163 shows Jenkins "above" the centre of the frame (south is up).
AS10-35-5200, of Apollo 10's un-indexed Magazine 35/U, shows Jenkins in the centre of the image.
Oblique photograph AS10-29-4234 shows Jenkins during high-sun illumination, looking toward the western horizon.
Research Apollo 10 photographs: Danny Caes.


(LAC zone 63D3) LTO map


Description: Wikipedia


Additional Information

Depth data from Kurt Fisher database
  • Westfall, 2000: 3.04 km


  • Named for Louise Freeland Jenkins (July 5, 1888–May 9, 1970) was an American astronomer. She worked in Japan and then at Yale University. She was co-editor of the Astronomical Journal starting in 1942. She was noted for her research into the trigonometric parallax of nearby stars. She also studied variable stars.
  • This replacement name for a formerly lettered crater was provisionally introduced on LTO-63D3 (August, 1974), where it is listed as "a new name approved by the IAU". It was not actually approved until 1982 (IAU Transactions XVIIIB). - Jim Mosher
  • List of features named for women.

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