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Eckert (very near the centre of Mare Crisium)

Lat: 17.27°N, Long: 58.36°E, Diam: 2.62 km, Depth: 0.43 km, Rükl: 26

external image normal_Eckert_LO-IV-191H_LTVT.JPG
Eckert (the largest one of the depicted craterlets) is an inconspicuous tiny bowl-shaped crater, but... it marks the centre of the basin Mare Crisium.


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  • The tiny crater Eckert was also captured on Apollo 17's orbital ITEK-panoramic frames AS17-P-2235 and AS17-P-2240. In both frames, Eckert's location near or at the frames's centres.
    • Research: Danny Caes


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Additional Information


  • Named for Wallace John Eckert (1902-1971), an American astronomer. Eckert was a student of E. W. Brown. A long-time Columbia University professor and IBM executive and a key player in the development of electronic computers, he is credited with applying punch-card computing techniques to the computation of planetary orbits. The lunar positions determined by his refinement of Brown's methods were the best of their day.
  • Eckert, for this feature, appears in the list of approved names published in IAU Transactions XVB (1973). The honoree is not identified. The association of the name with the present honoree is based on listings in early versions of the IAU Planetary Gazetteer, but biographical information was unofficially reported in Ashbrook, 1974.
  • The name Eckert was introduced on LTO-44D3 (April 1974), for which it served as the chart title. Prior to that this crater was unnamed. - Jim Mosher

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