Dorsa Mawson

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Dorsa Mawson

Lat: 7.0°S, Long: 53.0°E, Length: 132 km, Height: km, Rükl: 48

external image normal_Dorsa-Mawson_CLA-E4_LTVT.JPG
Consolidated Lunar Atlas; Plate E4 (remapped to aerial view) The large crater in the upper right is 43-km Bilharz. Dorsa Mawson extends diagonally from just west of Bilharz to the 22-km ghost crater Goclenius U in the lower left. The 8-km crater in the pockmarked area in the lower right is Al-Marrakushi, Above Dorsa Mawson can be seen 11-km Ibn Battuta (left) and 12-km Lindbergh (center). The ridge extending northward from between Ibn Battuta and Lindbergh is the southern part of Dorsa Geikie.


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Because Dorsa Mawson is running south of Messier G (Lindbergh) and Goclenius A (Ibn Battuta), all orbital Apollo photographs which show Dorsa Mawson (or parts of Dorsa Mawson) should be online in the LPI's lists of Messier G and Goclenius A. - DannyCaes Aug 22, 2011


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Dorsa Mawson

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Douglas; English-Australian Antarctic explorer (1882-1958).
  • This name was approved, along with one other unrelated dorsa, in 1979 (IAU Transactions XVIIB). The citation mentions that the feature extends from "09.0S, 050.5E to 06.0S, 054.0E" giving an unusually clear indication for what the name is meant to represent. The name does not appear on LTO 80A4 (November, 1974), which depicts (somewhat vaguely) Dorsa Mawson's northeastern end. - Jim Mosher

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