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(formerly Cauchy Omega)

Lat: 7.22°N, Long: 38.3°E, Diam: 1.84 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 36

external image normal_Donna_CLA-D7_LTVT.JPG


Left: Consolidated Lunar Atlas plate D7 Donna is the pit at the summit of the mound in the exact center of this rectified version of Consolidated Lunar Atlas plate D7. A part of Rima Cauchy is visible near the top of the frame, with brightly lit Rupes Cauchy below that. Cauchy itself is the prominent crater directly north of Donna. Also visible are Aryabhata (the upper arc of ruined crater at 8 o’clock from Donna), and Zähringer (the closest of two prominent craters to the southeast of Donna - the further one is
Taruntius F).
Right: LROC NAC image M180916096LC which shows a Hi-Res close up of Donna's pit (note: original NAC image is inverted vertically in link)


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Additional Information

The Irregular Mare Patch (IMP) west of Donna (known as Cauchy 5)

  • IMP (Irregular Mare Patch) immediately west of Cauchy Omega (Donna). The pinpoint coordinates of this IMP (called Cauchy 5) are: LATITUDE 7.12, LONGITUDE 37.6, see LROC article New Evidence For Young Lunar Volcanism!.


  • Italian female name.
  • According to NASA RP-1097, "Donna" is a Minor Feature whose name was originally intended only for use in connection with Topophotomap 61D2/S1(on which it is plotted, and for which it served as the chart title).
  • The name Cauchy Omega was not part of the original IAU nomenclature, but was added in the System of Lunar Craters. - Jim Mosher
  • Donna in the solar system; see asteroid 3085 Donna- DannyCaes Mar 24, 2013
  • Perhaps an interesting "audio-tool" to try to remember the IAU's name of that dome's pit: 10cc's Donna. - DannyCaes Apr 16, 2016

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