C. Mayer

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C. Mayer

Lat: 63.2°N, Long: 17.3°E, Diam: 38 km, Depth: 1.12 km, Rükl: 5

external image normal_C-Mayer_LO-IV-104H_LTVT.JPG
LO-IV-104H C. Mayer is in the center of this frame. 43-km C. Mayer H is to the northwest with identically-sized Archytas D partially visible along the margin. The rectangular-appearing C. Mayer D (containing 7-km C. Mayer F) is on the southwest. The circular crater at the bottom, below the two peaks, is C. Mayer E.


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(LAC zone 13A1) LAC map Geologic map


Description: Elger

(IAU Directions) CHRISTIAN MAYER.--A prominent rhomboidal-shaped ring-plain, 18 miles in diameter, associated on every side, except the N., with a number of irregular inconspicuous enclosures. It has a central peak. Madler discovered two delicate short clefts, both running from N.E. to S.W., one on the E. and the other on the W. of this formation.

Description: Wikipedia

C. Mayer

Additional Information

Depth data from Kurt Fisher database
  • Pike, 1976: 1.12 km
  • Westfall, 2000: 2.36 km
  • Viscardy, 1985: 2.25 km
  • Cherrington, 1969: 1.79 km
  • From the shadows in LO-IV-104H, the highest parts of the east wall are at least 2200 m above the floor. The southernmost of the central peaks rises about 480 m above its shadow tip. LO-IV-092H gives a lower sun angle view indicating the variation in the height of the east wall is from about 1880 to 2720 m, highest in the north. And the southern central peak is actually at least 710 m tall. - JimMosher

Central peak height


  • Christian; German astronomer, mathematician, physicist (1719-1783).
  • The secondary crater C.Mayer D was once known as Gasser. This name was one of Felix Chemla Lamech's new names, but was not accepted by the I.A.U.
  • Research: Ewen A. Whitaker and Danny Caes (August 2003: mail correspondence).

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Not Santa's Pole.


  • C.Mayer D ("Gasser"): Mapping and Naming the Moon; a history of lunar cartography and nomenclature (Ewen A. Whitaker).