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(formerly Jansen C)

Lat: 16.3°N, Long: 29.2°E, Diam: 8 km, Depth: 1.07 km, Rükl: 25

external image normal_Beketov_LO-IV-078H_LTVT.JPG


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- A fully illuminated Beketov was captured on Apollo 17's orbital ITEK-panoramic frames AS17-P-3021 and AS17-P-3026 (at both frames: scroll to the right).
- Southward looking oblique views at Beketov were captured on Apollo 17's ITEK-frames AS17-P-2752 and AS17-P-2757 (near the left margins of both frames).
- Slightly southward looking view at Beketov: AS17-P-2894.
- Northward oblique view at Beketov: Apollo 15's AS15-P-9871 (scroll to the right).
- Southward oblique view at Beketov and surroundings: Apollo 17's AS17-M-1656 (Beketov is the crater slightly below and to the right of the frame's centre).
Research Apollo 15 and Apollo 17 photography: Danny Caes


(LAC zone 42C3) LAC map Geologic map LM map LTO map


Description: Wikipedia


Additional Information

Depth data from Kurt Fisher database
  • Westfall, 2000: 1.07 km
  • Viscardy, 1985: 1 km


Nikolai Nikolaevich; Russian chemist (1827-1911).
  • This replacement name for a formerly lettered crater was introduced on LTO-42C3 (for which it served as the chart title). - Jim Mosher
  • Misspelled as Becatov on Map 1 and Bekatov on Map 3 in The Hatfield Photographic Lunar Atlas (Springer, 1999).- DannyCaes Jan 26, 2013

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