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Bartels (aka Caramuel)

Lat: 24.5°N, Long: 89.8°W, Diam: 55 km, Depth: km, Rükl 17

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  • Julius Bartels (August 17, 1899 - March 6, 1964) was a German geophysicist and statistician. Among his contributions was the development of the Kp Index, and he suggested the existence of "M-regions" on the Sun that resulted in geomagnetic activity. These coronal holes were later confirmed by the Skylab mission. Finally he also helped initiate the International Geophysical Year, which took place in 1957.
  • Between Bartels and Struve is a crater which was once called Rodes by Wilkins and Moore following Antonio Paluzíe Borrell, but the IAU did not accept that name.
    • Rodes (Lluis Rodes De Campdera) was a Spanish astronomer (1881-1939).
  • A crater called Caramuel by Wilkins and Moore following Antonio Paluzíe Borrell, has the same coordinates as the limb-crater which the IAU named Bartels.
    • Caramuel (Juan Caramuel Y Lobkowitz) was a Spanish scientist and archbishop of Otranto (1606-1682).

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"Caramuel" and "Rodes": Wilkins and Moore.