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Lat: 43.6°N, Long: 93.3°E, Diam: 44 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)

external image normal_Vashakidze_LO-V-181M_LTVT.JPGVashakidze.jpg
left: LO-V-181M . r'ight: LROC


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- Apollo 16's color-Hasselblad AS16-121-19445 shows Vashakidze "above" (to the west) of the walled plain Fabry (which is visible a little bit to the left of the frame's centre).
- Research: Danny Caes.


(LAC zone 29A3) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


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Additional Information


  • Mikheil Alekandres Vashakidze(August 15, 1909 - November 27, 1956) was a Georgian astronomer working in the Georgian astrophysical observatory from 1936 to 1956. He and Victor Alekseyevich Dombrovsky (September 30, 1913 – February 1, 1972) each independently discovered the polarized nature of radiation from the Crab Nebula in 1952 and 1953, which was due to the presence of a synchrotron mechanism. They worked at Byurakan Observatory. Vashakidze also created a new method for learning the distribution of the stars in space, which is now known as the Vashakidze–Oort method.
  • Although Vashakidze appears in the cumulative list of approved names in IAU Transactions XVB, it is not clear precisely when and where this libration zone feature name was approved. - Jim Mosher

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V.A.Dombrovsky, mentioned above in the biography of M.A.Vashakidze, is briefly mentioned in G.P.Konnen's book Polarized Light in Nature.