Ten Bruggencate

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Ten Bruggencate

Lat: 9.5°S, Long: 134.4°E, Diam: 59 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)

external image ten-bruggencate-lo-i_115_m.jpgTen_Bruggencate.jpg
left: Lunar Orbiter I . right: LROC . Ten Bruggencate H attached to right rim, Lane at left border


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(LAC zone 84D1) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


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Ten Bruggencate

Additional Information


Dr. Paul ten Bruggencate (February 24, 1901 – September 14, 1961) was a German astronomer and astrophysicist. In 1941 during World War II, Ten Bruggencate became the director at the Göttingen University observatory. He succeede in establishing a solar observatory at Hainberg for the astronomical institute. He remained the director of the observatory until 1961.

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