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Lat: 60.28°S, Long: 27.95°W, Diam: 110.07 km, Depth: 5.07 km, Rükl: 72

external image normal_Scheiner-IV-130-h3.jpg
Lunar Orbiter IV 130-h3


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(IAU Directions) SCHEINER.--A still larger object, being nearly 70 miles in diameter, with a prominently terraced wall, fully as lofty as that of Blancanus. There is a large crater, nearly central, two others on the N.W. side of the floor, and a fourth at the inner foot of the W. wall. There is also a shallow ring on the N.W. slope. Schmidt shows, but far too prominently, two straight ridges crossing each other on the S. side of the central crater.



Additional Information


  • Named for Christoph Scheiner (25 July 1573 - 18 July 1650), a German Jesuit father, physicist and astronomer, and co-discoverer of sunspots. In 1614 in his Disquisitiones mathematicae, Scheiner, a lifelong rival and critic of Galileo, published the first crude lunar map to follow that of Galileo
  • Scheiner seems to have been a dedicated observer of atmospheric halo phenomena, as mentioned in his online biography on Wikipedia. This fact is also described in W.R.Corliss's book Rare Halos, Mirages, Anomalous Rainbows (Sourcebook Project, 1984); page 67 (Halos of Unusual Radii): "A halo of 26°/29° was seen by Scheiner in 1629, and afterwards by Greshow and by Whiston". It (Scheiner's Halo, R: 27°30') is also mentioned in an article by Carl Koppeschaar on page 42 of the Dutch scientific magazine KIJK of july 1994.- DannyCaes Dec 17, 2010

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Christopher Scheiner in the Sourcebook Project (William R. Corliss)

In Mysterious Universe, a handbook of astronomical anomalies (1979) (page 526) :
  • Christopher Scheiner's observations of an object near Jupiter (Joseph Ashbrook, Sky and Telescope, 1971).

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