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Lat: 29.58°N, Long: 16.53°W, Diam: 1.83 km, Depth: 0.4 km, Rükl: 21

external image normal_Sampson_LO-IV-127H_LTVT.JPG


Left: LO-IV-127H Sampson is the largest of the craters in this very small field about 98 km south of the center of Mare Imbrium.
Right: LROC NAC image M185998831RC (note: original NAC image is inverted vertically in link)


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- Sampson and the Gang of Four (east-northeast of Sampson) are also noticeable a little bit to the "right" of the centre of Apollo 15's orbital oblique north-looking Fairchild-Metric/Mapping frame AS15-M-1550.
- The five of them (Sampson and the Gang of Four) were also captured near the lower right corner of Fairchild-frame AS15-M-2063.
Research orbital Apollo 15 photographs: Danny Caes


(LAC zone 40B1) LAC map Geologic map LTO map


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Additional Information

  • IAU page: Samson
  • From the shadows in LO-IV-127H, Sampson is probably about 400 m deep.


  • Ralph Allen Sampson (June 25, 1866 - November 7, 1939) was an Irish-born British astronomer and mathematician. In December 1910 he became Astronomer Royal for Scotland and became professor of astronomy at the University of Edinburgh. He did pioneering work in measuring the color temperature of stars. He did important research into the theory of the motions of Jupiter's four Galilean satellites.
  • This name was introduced on LTO-40B1 (for which it served as the chart title). It was not formerly named. - Jim Mosher

LPOD Articles


R. A. Sampson in the Sourcebook Project (William R. Corliss)

  • Is Jupiter "Humpy"? (A.M.W.Downing, Journal of the British Astronomical Association, 1910), in: Mysterious Universe, a handbook of astronomical anomalies, 1979, page 432.

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