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Lat: 4.3°N, Long: 102.4°E, Diam: 75 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)

external image Saenger_LO_ii_196_m.jpgLOII 196 M


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The bright raycrater west of Saenger

Orbital photographs made during Project Apollo
- A series of orbital close-up photographs of the bright raycrater west of Saenger (between Saenger and Erro) was made during the mission of Apollo 16, of which AS16-121-19418 is one example. Note the two dark "rays" running northwestward of the bright craterlet itself. These two dark "rays" are also noticeable on LAC 64 (page 128) in the Clementine Atlas of the Moon.
- Oblique photograph AS16-121-19410, which is the first one of this series (of the bright raycrater west of Saenger) shows a dark spot on the inner slopes of the craterlet itself.
- This bright raycrater was also photographed during Apollo 10: AS10-33-4884 (this photograph is labeled "not used" in NASA SP-232 Analysis of Apollo 10 Photography and Visual Observations).
- Another one of Apollo 10's close ups of this bright raycrater is AS10-33-4919.
- Apollo 11 too made close-ups of this raycrater, for example: AS11-42-6285, AS11-43-6362.
Research orbital Apollo photography: Danny Caes

- Saenger's raycrater as it shows up in the shadowless chart (the albedo chart) of the LROC ACT-REACT QUICK MAP:

- Photo N°37 on page 239 in Volume 1 of APOLLO 11 - THE NASA MISSION REPORTS also shows a close up of Saenger's raycrater:
- DannyCaes Aug 4, 2017


(LAC zone 64C1) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


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Additional Information

Bright raycrater west of Saenger (between Saenger and Erro).


- Eugen Sänger (September 22, 1905 - February 10, 1964) was an Austrian aerospace engineer best known for his contributions to lifting body and ramjet technology. Sänger also designed rocket motors, which would generate 1 MN of thrust. In this design, he was one of the first to suggest using the rocket's fuel as a way of cooling the engine, by circulating it around the rocket nozzle before burning it in the engine.
- Saenger's raycrater is a name from D.Caes for the frequently photographed raycrater west of Saenger. It was a photographic target during several Apollo missions such as Apollo 10, Apollo 11, and Apollo 16 (see links to orbital photographs above).

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