Rimae Plato

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Rimae Plato (Rima Plato I, Rima Plato II, and Rima Plato III)

Lat: 52.9°N, Long: 3.2°W, Length: 87 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 4

external image normal_Plato_IV-127-H3_USGS.jpg
Lunar Orbiter IV image 4127-h3 submitted by Stefan Lammel
This orbital close-up of Plato and its surroundings shows the three main rilles of the Rimae Plato system: Rima Plato I northeast of Plato, Rima Plato II southeast of Plato, and Rima Plato III southwest of Plato.


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Rimae Plato

Additional Information


  • Three rilles named from nearby crater Plato.
  • All of them are catalogued as Number 139 in Debra Hurwitz's Atlas and Catalog of Sinuous Rilles.
  • According to the TIMES ATLAS OF THE MOON (Chart 9), the one east-northeast was known as Rima Plato I, the one southeast was known as Rima Plato II, and the one west-southwest of Plato seems to have been nameless. Perhaps we could call this rille Rima Plato Eta, because it runs along the hill once known as Plato Eta (east of Plato P). Rima Plato Eta looks a bit like Vallis Schroteri with its Cobra Head.
  • This rille (Rima Plato Eta) has been known as Rima Plato III on the SLC-D1 chart of the System of Lunar Craters.
  • Frankly, there's not much to see of the nearby hill "Plato Eta" on the Big Shadows representation of the WAC in the online LROC ACT-REACT QUICK MAP.

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