Rimae Doppelmayer

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Rimae Doppelmayer

Lat: 25.9°S, Long: 45.1°W, Length: 162 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 51

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Rimae Doppelmayer

Additional Information

  • While its length (essentially, its diameter) is given above as 162.0 km, the diameter on its IAU official link states it at 7.8 km (perhaps, historical reference to a previous, smaller feature along its length/diameter is required). Whatever, the explanation, the current, official 7.8 km diameter/length would be considered too small - if we are to take into account measurement of the overall rimae's length and diameter. - JohnMoore2


  • Named from nearby crater. (Doppelmayer)
  • Nameless on Chart 79 in the Times Atlas of the Moon. Even the Rupes Liebig north of Rimae Doppelmayer is not named. - DannyCaes Apr 13, 2014
  • Liebig J, a small bowl-shaped crater in Rimae Doppelmayer, is nicknamed Eye by D.Caes because of the curious bright "iris" on its inner slopes.

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