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Patricia (in "Lacus Mozart ")

Lat: 25.0°N, Long: 0.3°E, Diam: 5 km, Depth: km, Rükl 22

external image normal_Ann-Michael-Patricia_AS15-M-1679_LTVT.JPG
AS15-M-1679 The IAU-named minor features in this small part of the Apollo 15 Metric camera image are Ann, Michael and Patricia. The trough running perpendicular to Patricia in the lower right is a small piece of Rima Bradley. For named features in the area adjoning this on the left see Kathleen (which is attached to the same rille as Ann and Michael). The low-albedo region in which these three names are anchored seems to have been known as "Lacus Mozart ", shortly after the scientific mission of Apollo 15.


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English female name.
  • According to NASA RP-1097, "Patricia" is a Minor Feature whose name was originally intended only for use in connection with Topophotomap 41A3/S1(on which it is plotted).
  • The Topophotomap on which this name was proposed shows only the extreme western end of Patricia, which looks elliptical (similar to the shapes of Ann and Michael); and in the IAU Planetary Gazetteer it is classified as a “crater.” But given its similarity in form to Rima Bradley it seems possible that if the map maker had seen more of it, it might have been called “Rima Patricia”. - Jim Mosher
  • Patricia (Pérez Prado) (the most ideal way to try to remember the name of that feature at Palus Putredinis).

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