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North Complex (Apollo 15 site formation name)

Lat: 26.2°N, Long: 3.6°E, Diam: 2 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 22

external image Apollo_15_North_Complex.JPG
Apollo 15 Site Traverses Chart
The largest crater in the North Complex is called Pluton. This is one of the unofficially named (or NASA-named) craters near Apollo landing sites (such as Apollo 15's site) which could be observed and photographed through terrestrial telescopes. See LPOD More Res.


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  • In Apollo 15's Hasselblad frame AS15-85-11509, which shows the distant North Complex as it was photographed from Station 6' on the slope of Mons Hadley Delta, the bright spot above and slightly to the left of the first fiducial above the center one is the area brightened by LM Falcons Descent Engine. Source: ALSJ (Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, Eric M. Jones).
  • Two 500-mm Hasselblad frames (AS15-84-11324 and 11325) show LM Falcon, seen from Station 6. Part of the North Complex is noticeable in the background (note the large boulders!). See also page 125 in David M. Harland's Exploring the Moon (1999).
  • Pluton, the largest crater in the North Complex, is an excellent test-target for today's dedicated Hi-Res photographers of the moon. - DannyCaes Jan 21, 2008
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  • Map of all the named craters and craterlets at the North Complex, chosen by Joseph Allen and Apollo 15's crew


(LAC zone 41B4) LAC map Geologic map LM map LTO map Topophotomap


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North Complex (correct link)

Additional Information

The Landing Site Name "North Complex" is plotted on Topophotomap 41B4/S1 .


Astronaut-named feature, Apollo 15 site.
Several craters, depressions, and a hill in the North Complex were individually named by NASA's Joe Allen and Apollo 15's crew:
  • Chain
  • Dome
  • Eaglecrest
  • Icarus
  • Link
  • Pluton (the largest crater of the cluster)
  • Schaber Hill
  • Slide

Partially included are:

  • Misty Doublet
  • Rio

LPOD Articles


Kenneth F. Weaver: Apollo 15 explores the mountains of the moon (National Geographic, February 1972).
David M. Harland: EXPLORING THE MOON; The Apollo Expeditions.