Named craters within named craters

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List of officially and unofficially named craters which contain other officially and unofficially named craters

- Aitken contains the Cloverleaf (of which one of its leafs is Aitken G).
- Albategnius contains Klein.
- Alphonsus contains Chang-Ngo, José, Monira, Ravi, and Soraya.
- Ancient Thebit contains Thebit itself, Birt, Rupes Recta (the Straight Wall), and the Stag's Horn Mountains.
- Apollo contains Borman, Chaffee, Chawla, D.Brown, Dryden, Husband, Jarvis, L.Clark, Lovell, M.Anderson, McAuliffe, McCool, McNair, Onizuka, Ramon, Resnik, Scobee, Smith.
- Babcock contains Zasyadko.
- Banachiewicz contains Knox-Shaw.
- Bowditch contains Bawa.
- Chenier (LTO-name for Patsaev Q) contains Kira.
- Clavius contains Rutherfurd (Porter is located on the northeastern part of Clavius's rim).
- d'Alembert contains Slipher (very near the southwestern part of d'Alembert's rim, it's as if Slipher is always trying to escape, pulling part of d'Alembert with it).
- Deslandres contains Hell and Fauth's Schupmann (Hell B).
- Faustini contains Malinkin.
- Fermi contains Babakin, Diderot, Lutke, and Xenophon.
- Gagarin (a basin) contains Balandin, Grave, Isaev, Kosberg, and Raspletin.
- Gilbert contains Geissler.
- Grimaldi contains Wilkins's Saheki (Grimaldi B).
- Hirayama contains Montesquieu and Tolstoy (LTO-names for Hirayama Y and Hirayama S).
- Ina (the odd D-shaped formation at Lacus Felicitatis) contains Mons Agnes (the largest one of the many very strange elevations inside that odd formation).
- Keeler contains Plante.
- King contains Sita, and also several named mountains: Mons Andre, Mons Ardeshir, Mons Dieter, Mons Dilip, and Mons Ganau.
- Krieger contains Van Biesbroeck.
- Landau contains Wood.
- Lorentz contains Nernst and Rontgen.
- Mach seems to contain Harvey (careful examination reveals the location of Harvey on the eastern part of Mach's rim).
- Mare Ingenii (a basin) contains Thomson.
- Mare Moscoviense (a basin) contains Komarov, Tereshkova, and Titov.
- Mare Smythii (a basin) contains LOTS of named craters! See list:

- Mendeleev (a basin) contains Benedict, Bergman, Fischer, Harden, Moissan, and Richards.
- Neper contains Virchow.
- Planck contains Prandtl.
- Poczobutt contains Cannizzaro and Omar Khayyam, and perhaps also Smoluchowski.
- Ptolemaeus contains Ammonius (once known as Ptolemaeus A, and also as Lyot).
- Richardson contains Maxwell.
- Russell contains Paluzie (or Paluzie contains Russell ?) (note: these are two of the many discontinued names from H.P.Wilkins and P.Moore, see their book The Moon).
- Schluter contains a low-albedo region which was once known as Mare Hiemis.
- Zwicky contains Ibn Hayyan (once an LTO name for Zwicky N).