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LROC Gallery 2010



This page contains the year's list of image-links for 2010 which appeared in the LROC Browse Gallery webpage. The images were all taken by cameras onboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft that launched in June 2009. See also the year's list for LROC Gallery 2011 and LROC Gallery 2009. - JohnMoore2

Additional Information

Browse Gallery 2010

15 Dec 2010

South Pole Illuminated Map


Multi-temporal view showing a six-month (six lunar days’ map) illuminated region of the lunar South Pole

9 Dec 2010

Impact-melt Features in Tycho Crater’s Floor


One NAC view showing the characteristic, smooth-like appearance of impact-melt deposits on the floor of Tycho. A WAC view shows the region in question.

8 Dec 2010

Ejecta in Tycho Crater


One NAC view of a huge ejecta block of material with impact-melt signatures on it - suggested to have been thrown off during the impact event (a WAC view also shows the general location of the block within Tycho).

3 Dec 2010

Rilles As Far As the Eye Can See in Prinz


One NAC view showing a kipuka-like island of material where two rilles join at crater Prinz B; also seen in a more general WAC view.

2 Dec 2010

Secrets of Schröteri


One NAC view showing a bended region towards the end of Vallis Schröteri, and a more general WAC view is shown, too.

1 Dec 2010

Rimae Posidonius


One NAC view showing boulder-strewn material from a rille on Posidonius’s eastern floor, while a WAC view gives a more general aspect.

24 Nov 2010

Erosional Trough on Crater Wall


One NAC view showing what looks like erosional features on the inner wall of Moore F.

22 Nov 2010

Delicate Patterns in Giordano Bruno Ejecta


One NAC view of ejecta deposits near the crater Giordano Bruno, along with a colored WAC view showing the optical maturity of the deposits.

18 Nov 2010

Rock Avalanche in Robinson Crater


One NAC view of crater Robinson’s northern inner slope showing unusual rock-flow signatures similar to an avalanche. A WAC view includes a color DTM of the region in question.

16 Nov 2010

Slope Failure Near Aratus Crater


One NAC view showing smooth, bumpy and rough textured material in Aratus crater. A WAC view includes a color DTM of the region in question.

12 Nov 2010

Kepler Crater - Central Peak


One NAC view of boulders and small craters atop Kepler’s central peak (a region arrowed in the accompanying WAC view).

10 Nov 2010

Kepler’s Rim


One NAC view showing what appears to be layering in an exposed area of Kepler’s inner rim.

9 Nov 2010

Kepler Crater Ejecta


One NAC view of an ejected boulder said to have come from Kepler crater (see also WAC view).

5 Nov 2010

Gassendi A


One NAC view of impact melt material seen in Gassendi A, and a WAC view of the region in general.

4 Nov 2010

Gassendi’s Fractures


One NAC view showing the intersection of two fractures within Gassendi crater, and a WAC view of the region in general.

3 Nov 2010

Gassendi’s Central Peak


One NAC view of a boulder seen in Gassendi crater, and a WAC view of the region in general.

2 Nov 2010

Bowditch Lava Terraces


One NAC view showing a lava terrace at Bowditch’s eastern sector – seen also as a wider view in this WAC.

29 Oct 2010

Boulder Trails in Menelaus Crater


One NAC view of a low reflectance boulder trail – a hint of its rolling-down speed. A general WAC view of the crater showing the boulder region.

27 Oct 2010

Small Crater at the Southern Rim of Menelaus


One WAC view of Menelaus crater showing a recent impact crater (~ 350 metres in diameter) composed of high reflectance material.

26 Oct 2010

Highest Point on the Moon!


Two NAC (low sun-angle and high sun-angle) views of the highest point (10,786 metres) on the Moon - just east of crater Engel'gardt seen also in this WAC view.

15 Oct 2010

Sinus Iridum - Next Destination?


One colorful WAC view (topographic image created using Digital Terrain Model techniques) of Sinus Iridum while a NAC view shows boulders on a wrinkle ridge within this Bay.

12 Oct 2010

Slipher Crater: Fractured Moon in 3D


Four NAC (different aspect) views (1, 2, 3, 4) of a Lobate Scarp seen within this WAC view of Slipher crater.

8 Oct 2010

Eratosthenes Central Peak


Two NAC views (1 and 2) showing portions of Eratosthenes’s central peak with boulders and terraces.

7 Oct 2010

Terraces in Eratosthenes Crater


One NAC view showing a terrace within Eratosthenes crater, while a WAC view gives a general view of the crater with location of NAC close-up.

6 Oct 2010

Eratosthenes Crater and the Lunar Timescale


One NAC view showing lighting, reflectance effects on the north-eastern slopes of Eratosthenes crater. A WAC view shows a general view of both Eratosthenes and Copernicus crater.

5 Oct 2010

The Lunar North Pole

North Pole mosaic

One WAC view (plus annotated version) of the North Pole.

1 Oct 2010

Rainbows on the Moon


Two WAC views (1 and 2) showing reflectance effects (artefacts) associated with color filters on the Wide Angle Camera during observations.

30 Sept 2010

Ejecta from Copernicus


One NAC view of discernible ray-patterns off Copernicus’s north-eastern sector. A WAC view shows the crater in full.

29 Sept 2010

Smooth Floor in Copernicus Crater


One NAC view showing close-up of an impact crater in Copernicus crater, while a WAC view (small, poor image) shows the crater as a whole.

28 Sept 2010

Copernicus Crater and the Lunar Timescale

Crater Rays of Copernicus

Two NACs (1 and 2) show fragmented material and terraced walls in Copernicus respectively, while a WAC view shows both Copernicus and Eratosthenes in general view. A picture of Gene Shoemaker by Mark Robinson is also included.

27 Sept 2010

The Lunar South Pole

South Pole mosaic

One WAC view (plus annotated version) of the South Pole.

23 Sept 2010

Ejecta Blanket


One NAC view showing pattern in ejecta from a crater within Van de Graff.

22 Sept 2010

Immature Ejecta


One NAC view of high-reflectance ejecta from a small crater within Van de Graff.

21 Sept 2010

Ejecta from Van De Graff Crater


One NAC showing northern-rim ejecta of Van de Graff, while a WAC view shows its double-crater (peanut) appearance.

15 Sept 2010

Americas from the Moon


A view of earth’s western hemisphere.

14 Sept 2010

New Views of Lunar Pits


Three NAC views (1, 2 and 3) of these unusual ‘hole-like’ formations.

10 Sept 2010

Color of the Moon

Serenitatis in Color

One colored NAC view of Mare Serenitatis.

8 Sept 2010

Moon as seen from 90-degrees East


View of the Moon as seen from 90 degrees East.

7 Sept 2010

Natural Bridge on the Moon


Two NAC views (1 and 2) showing what looks like a natural bridge created from collapse of a lava-tube in King crater, while a WAC view shows an impact melt ‘pond’ in the crater itself.

2 Sept 2010

Necho’s Jumbled Floor


Two NAC (1 and 2) views showing both dark and in-light regions of boulders and impact-melt within Necho crater, while a WAC view is of that of the crater itself.

1 Sept 2010

Impact Melt at Necho Crater


Two NAC views (1 and 2) showing the impact melt regions.

31 Aug 2010

Necho’s Terraces


Two NAC views of the terraces (1 and 2), and a WAC showing Necho crater itself.

26 Aug 2010

Hummocky Terrain


One NAC view of hummocky material north of Tsiolkovskiy crater.

25 Aug 2010

Central Peak/Mare Boundary


One NAC view displaying the contrast between a boulder-strewn region and mare basalt region at the peak of Tsiolkovskiy crater.

24 Aug 2010

Fractures in the Mare of Tsiolkovskiy Crater


One NAC view showing fracture marks on the floor of Tsiolkovskiy crater.

12 Aug 2010

Photographic Processing of LROC NAC Stereo Images

Not Applicable

One colorful NAC 3D Digital Terrain Model (DTM) view of a small crater (near Lat 36.41°N, Long 319.72°E) on the south-eastern slope of Mons Gruithuisen Gamma (as also seen in the right-most crater in this wonderful 3D anaglyph view), and in this b/w NAC view. A small DTM Jitter (vibrational effects in LRO spacecraft) view is also included.

10 Aug 2010

Volcanoes in Lacus Mortis


One NAC view showing the probable summit crater pit of a volcanic ‘dome’ (of two in the region) in Lacus Mortis. A WAC view shows the two volcanic ‘domes’ just below Rimae Burg where it meets the highland’s region south-west of Lacus Mortis.

5 Aug 2010

A Path Not taken


One NAC view of a once-proposed region (during the 1950s) for a future lunar base south-east of Eratosthenes, while a WAC view gives some idea as to dark-mantling deposits around the Sinus Aestuum region.

4 Aug 2010

Concentric Crater


One NAC view showing the inner rim of concentric crater Gruithuisen K, while a WAC view gives a 6-km-scale close-up on the feature – just one of many concentric craters.

3 Aug 2010

Remnants of the Imbrium Impact


One NAC showing the contact edge of younger basalt and older ejecta in the Lacus Somniorum region (a WAC view also of which giving a broader perspective of the south-western sector).

29 July 2010

A Molten Flood


Two NAC views (one reduced resolution) of impact melt outside the eastern rim of Necho crater, while a WAC view displays Necho in a clearer light.

28 July 2010

Not Your Average Complex Crater


One NAC view showing irregular terraces, debris piles and outcropping wall material on the walls of Bürg crater (as featured in LPOD, while a WAC image shows a wonderful view of the crater itself.

27 July 2010

New Impact Crater on the Moon


One NAC view showing a newly-formed 10-metre-wide crater on the eastern side of Franz crater, while a WAC view shows a more general perspective. A comparison view including both an Apollo panoramic image to the above-mentioned NAC is shown, too (see LPOD 28 July 2010 article).

22 July 2010

A Dark Cascade at Sulpicius Gallus


One NAC view showing a possible volcanic vent, while a WAC view, which featured in LPOD, shows a more broader view of the Sulpicius Gallus region.

21 July 2010

Bhabha Sinks Into the Shadows


Three views (some very close-up) of Bhabha crater which lies within the South Pole Aitken basin.

20 July 2010

Up From the Depths


One WAC view, two NAC views (plus a small video) of the central peak in Aristarchus crater. Some unique boulders also shown.

14 July 2010

How Common Are Mare Pit Craters?


Three NAC-view skylights (pit-craters) discovered in Mare Tranquillitatis. See also Skylights in the MoonWiki

13 July 2010

The Moon's Largest Impact Basin


Two WAC views (one a mosaic) with a NAC close-up, too, of the South Pole Aitken basin.

13 July 2010

WAC The Moon's Largest Impact Basin

SPA 100m

Two WAC views (one a mosaic) with a NAC close-up, too, of the South Pole Aitken basin.

8 July 2010

Apollo 16, Footsteps Under High Sun


One NAC view of the Apollo 16 landing site showing, for example, the LM, ALSEP and RTG, while a WAC view shows an area around the Cayley Plains

6 July 2010

Linné Crater


Two NAC views of Linné crater

2 July 2010

Wrinkle Ridge in Oceanus Procellarum


One NAC view as well as a south-western WAC view of a wrinkle ridge in the area of Oceanus Procellarum

29 June 2010

Rheiner Gamma Region of Interest


One NAC and one WAC view of the most famous of lunar swirls - Reiner Gamma.

24 June 2010

The Earth From the Moon


A wonderful NAC mosaic of Earth taken on 12 June 2010 during a calibration sequence
22 June 2010

Forked Impact Melt Flows at Farside Crater


View of impact melt flows close to a small crater in a region ENE of the Mare Moscoviense basin.

17 June 2010

Orientale Basin

Orientale 100m

Mosaic WAC view of the Orientale basin, and a close-up NAC view of Kopff crater which lies within the basin.

16 June 2010

Depths of Mare Ingenii


One WAC view showing the Mare Ingenii basin, while the NAC close-up shows lunar swirls and a skylight.

15 June 2010

Lichtenberg Crater – A Constellation Region of Interest


One enhanced color WAC showing reflectance rays close to Lichtenberg crater, while a NAC shows distinct layering of pre-impact deposits around the wall of Lichtenberg crater.

10 June 2010

Window to the Farside Mantle


One WAC image showing low-reflectance deposits around Dewer crater, while a NAC view show some buried mare material NE of Dewer crater.

8 June 2010

Gruithuisen Domes – Constellation Region of Interest


One WAC view showing Gruithuisen Gamma and Delta, while two NAC views (one a 3D view) show Gruithuisen Gamma alone.

3 June 2010

Mare Humboldtianum – Constellation Region of Interest


One WAC view of highland-mare portion of Mare Humboldtianum, while a NAC view gives a close-up on small craters and boulders.

1 June 2010

Marius Hills – Constellation Region of Interest


One NAC view showing the rim of a large sinuous rille, while a WAC view displays a series of volcanic features.

27 May 2010

Hertzsprung Constellation Site


One NAC view showing boulders on nearly pure anorthosite, and one WAC view that includes the particular region of the Hertzsprung ROI.

25 May 2010

Lunar Swirls at the Mare Ingenii Constellation Region of Interest


One NAC view showing a region of rare mare basalts found on the farside, while a WAC view gives some beautiful displays of lunar swirls.

20 May 2010

Splendors of Mare Smythii


Three NAC views showing fresh craters with ray material in their surrounds under high and low sun-angle conditions, while a WAC view gives a broader perspective on the Mare Smythii ROI in a region just east of Schubert C

19 May 2010

Hole in One


One NAC showing a boulder-track with said boulder having rolled into a small craterlet within the ~ 42 km-wide Henry Frères crater – shown in a wider WAC view.

18 May 2010

Rima Bode: Constellation Region of Interest


One NAC view showing a small crater impact upon pyroclastic deposits near Rima Bode II, while a WAC view gives a broader perspective showing the southern Montes Apennine region. A colorful mosaic of a Lunar Orbiter 4 frame LO4-H2-109 and a Clementine color-ratio image show the pyroclastic deposits.

13 May 2010

Regolith Patterns in Mendel-Rydberg


One NAC image showing regolith patterns in a ‘cryptomare’ (obscured volcanic deposits) region, while a WAC view shows the Mendel-Rydberg Region of Interest.

12 May 2010

In an Instant


Two NAC views (1 & 2) of a 5-km-sized crater (Lat 8.0N, Long 182.27E – close to Stein C crater) showing impact melt deposits and ejecta distribution.

11 May 2010

Central Peak of Bullialdus Crater


One NAC view showing a very detailed close-up image of the peak in Bullialdus crater, while a WAC view shows the crater in it’s entirety.

6 May 2010

Mare Frigoris Constellation Region of Interest


One NAC view of a small crater in Mare Frigoris (ROI) where iron and titanium deposits may hold information about lunar volcanism. Also a WAC view centred on the ROI region.

4 May 2010

Copernicus Crater Central Peak


One NAC view (plus anaglyph view) showing light-toned bedrock on the slope of the central peak - related to possible impact-melt or breccias. A wonderful WAC view of Copernicus crater is also included.

30 April 2010

Floor of Tsiolkovskiy Constellation Region of Interest


One NAC view showing boulders near the crater’s central peak of Tsiolkovskiy crater (on the farside), while a WAC view gives the peak, mare and surrounding highlands of Tsiolkovskiy – a Region of Interest (note spelling on page).

27 April 2010

Constellation Region of Interest at Mare Tranquillitatis


One NAC view shows a close-up of a north-west trending wrinkle ridge in Mare Tranquillitatis, while a WAC view gives a broader perspective of many wrinkle ridges east of Arago crater in this Region of Interest. A small graphic showing a cross-section through an impact basin gives an idea on how wrinkle ridges are formed.

22 April 2010

Craters on the Schrödinger Pyroclastic Cone


One NAC view of a cluster of small craters in a pyroclastic zone within the Schrödinger Basin, while a WAC view gives a wonderful view of the basin itself.

20 April 2010

Dante Crater Constellation Region of Interest


One NAC view of the interior of the farside crater Dante, whose region has abundant aluminium and calcium regolith, along with possible deposits of rare anorthosite. A WAC view shows Dante crater itself with Dante G off to its east.

16 April 2010

Retracing the Steps of Apollo 15: Constellation Region of Interest


Three close-up NAC views of the Hadley Rille region where astronauts, Dave Scott and Jim Irwin, carried out their third and final EVA of the mission. NAC 1 shows the area near Station 9, NAC 2 of Station 6A and Station 7, while NAC 3 that of Station 9A. Three Apollo 15 images also included.

15 April 2010

Rimae Prinz Region – Region of Interest


Two NAC views (1, 2) of the massif and rille near the Rimae Prinz and Montes Harbinger region. An Apollo 15 AS15-M-2081 image is also included highlighting this Region of Interest

14 April 2010

Exposed Fractured Bedrock in the Central Peak of Anaxagoras Crater


Four NAC views and one WAC view of the region around the central peak region of crater Anaxagoras. NAC 1 shows a view of the crater’s floor and peak, NAC 2 that of boulders in the same region, NAC 3 that of a close-up of the boulders, while NAC 4 gives a closer view of NAC 2 where shadows have been lightened to show up unseen areas. The WAC view is of a wonderful full-display of Anaxagoras crater itself.

13 April 2010

The Apollo 15 Lunar Laser Ranging Retroreflector – A Fundamental Point on the Moon


One NAC view showing the location of an LLRR at the Apollo 15 landing site, while an AS15-85-11468 image shows what the LLRR looks like.

8 April 2010

Graben and Pyroclastic in South West Mare Humorum


One NAC view showing the location of a graben in pyroclastic deposits within Mare Humorum

7 April 2010

Each Crater Tells a Story


One NAC view showing odd-shaped craters relative to regolith thickness in the Flamsteed ROI, while a WAC view shows the ROI area in general.

2 April 2010

Alphonsus Crater Mantled Floor Fracture


One NAC showing a close-up view of a fracture within Alphonsus crater, while a WAC view shows the series of fractures mentioned.

1 April 2010

Hortensius Domes - Constellation ROI


Three NACs – NAC1 showing summit crater on Hortensius Dome Phi; NAC2 (DEM) and NAC3 (DTM) views show a small oblong summit crater. A WAC view of the domes is also given.

30 Mar 2010

Apollo Basin Mare in a Sea of Highlands


One NAC view of boundary flow-units within the Apollo Basin, while a WAC view shows the north-eastern sector of the basin.

29 Mar 2010

Chain of Secondary Craters in Mare Orientale


One NAC view showing a series of secondary craters within the inner south-eastern Rook mountain region of the Orientale Basin, while two WACs (1 and 2) show the crater chain of Catena Davy and a view-area of the initial NAC respectively.

26 Mar 2010

Two-toned Impact Crater in Balmer Basin:A Reflection of the Target?


One NAC view showing tone-difference in material at an impact crater within Balmer Basin (Balmer-Kapteyn Basin), while a WAC view shows the central region of Balmer crater itself.

22 Mar 2010

Rocket Impacts Recorded by the Apollo Seismic Network


One NAC view showing the impact crater created by Apollo 13’s S-IVB third upper stage that struck the lunar surface (Lat 2.55S, Long 27.88W) on 14 April 1970. Also included is a photo of the S-IVB upper stage and a seismogram image recorded by the Apollo 12 seismic station on the Moon.

21 Mar 2010

Surveyor 6 on the Plains of Sinus Medii


One NAC view showing Surveyor 6 on the surface (in Sinus Medii region), with two panoramic views (1 and 2) it took during its mission. A diagram showing the craft’s hop sequence on the lunar surface is also included, while an additional NAC view shows the Surveyor 1 lander under two lighting conditions.

19 Mar 2010

Luna 21 Lander


One NAC view of Luna 21 with tracks by the Lunokhod 2 rover (initially onboard), which also took photos (1, 2, 3, and 4) while on the surface at the Le Monnier region.

17 Mar 2010

Soviet Union Lunar Rovers


Two NAC views of the Lunokhod 1 lander and rover at western Mare Imbrium, with additional views of the Lunokhod 2 rover showing route tracks and panorama of the lunar surface near eastern Mare Serenitatis.

15 Mar 2010

Soviet Union Lunar Sample Return Missions


Two NAC views of landers’ Luna 20 at northern Mare Fecunditatis and Luna 24 at south-east Mare Crisium (Luna 23 is also included in the Zoom view).

11 Mar 2010

Crisium’s Constellation Region of Interest


One NAC view of boulders strewn on a wrinkle ridge in Mare Crisium, while a WAC image shows a general view of the ridge in this ROI region.

2 Mar 2010

Marius Hills Pit Lava Tube Skylight


One NAC view (with enlargement) of a skylight in the Marius Hills’ region (shown generally also in a Selene/Kaguya image).

11 Feb 2010

Crater Wall in Van de Graaff Constellation Region of Interest


One NAC view of high-reflectance material exposed in a walled region of Van de Graaff C crater.

9 Feb 2010

Intricate Young Ejecta Blanket in Ancient Murchison


One NAC view of ejecta deposits from a small impact crater in Murchison crater (seen in a accompanying Lunar Orbiter 3 view.

4 Feb 2010

Riccioli Crater Cracked, Melted, and Draped


One NAC view showing volcanic lava-flow deposits in the central peak region of Riccioli crater.

3 Feb 2010

Out of the Shadows: Impact Melt Flow at Byrgius-A Crater


One extraordinary NAC view of preserved viscous lava flow on the north-eastern rim of Byrgius A - said to have been produced by the result of an impactor.

2 Feb 2010

Plato Crater Constellation Region of Interest


Two WAC views (1 and 2) of this ROI region north-west of Plato crater (with NAC view of Rimae Plato included).

29 Jan 2010

Precise 3D-Measurements of Objects at Apollo 14 Landing Site from LROC NAC Stereo Images


One 3D stereo view (from using NACs M114064206L and M111708164L) showing a representation of the Apollo 14 site. A traverse map is also included, as well as close-up views of the Apollo 14 module with additional images (1, 2 and 3). See also LROC’s First Look at the Apollo Landing Sites.

28 Jan 2010

Montes Pyrenaeus Meets Mare Nectaris


One NAC view (including an annotated version of the contact point between the light-coloured anothositic material of Montes Pyrenaeus and the dark-coloured basalt material of Mare Nectaris. Two general views (1 and 2) of the Mare Nectaris region are also included.

26 Jan 2010

King Crater’s Unusual Melt Pond


One NAC view of an unusually large melt pond deposit (of volcanic or impact in origin) close to King crater – one of the youngest craters on the Farside. An Apollo 16 metric camera image also is included.

21 Jan 2010

Aristarchus Plateau (2) Pyroclastic Deposit


One NAC view of dark, fine-grained pyroclastic deposits upon older mantled deposits of the Aristarchus Plateau. See also Aristarchus Plateau (1): Amazing Geologic Diversity.

19 Jan 2010

Aristarchus Plateau (1): Amazing Geologic Diversity


One NAC view of debris and flow patterns on the slopes of the Schröter's Valley of the Aristarchus Plateau (a coloured WAC view of the Schröter Valley is also included). See also Aristarchus Plateau (2): Pyroclastic Deposit

14 Jan 2010

The Floor of Tycho - Constellation-Region-of-Interest


One NAC view showing a boulder-strewn, impact melt region on the floor of Tycho crater. See also a close-up NAC view of the impact-melt flows, as well as a general WAC view.

12 Jan 2010

Aitken Crater Constellation Program Region of Interest


One NAC view showing a lobate scarp in Aitken crater (also included is a WAC view of Aitken’s southern peak region.

4 Jan 2010

Mare Moscoviense Constellation Site


One NAC view showing a mare-highlands boundary region in Mare Moscoviense - with additional WAC images (1 and 2), as well as a Clementine mosaic.

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