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Lat: 38.3°N, Long: 142.1°E, Diam: 106 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)

external image normal_kurchatov-clem1~0.jpgKurchatov.jpg
left: //Clementine// . right: LROC . Nearby Wiener is seen at top right corner.


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- Kurchatov was photographed during the mission of Apollo 13. It is noticeable near the upper right corner of frame AS13-60-8653. Kurchatov and nearby Wiener could be the most northern farside craters captured on Apollo-related Hasselblad color film.( The honor goes to dark-floored Campbell in the same image.- Nunki Sep 6, 2011)
- Research: Danny Caes.


(LAC zone 31C1) USGS Digital Nomenclature Atlas


Description: Wikipedia


Additional Information


  • Igor' Vasil'evich Kurchatov; Soviet nuclear physicist (1903-1960).
  • Discovered in Lunik 3 imaging of farside and named in Atlas of the Far Side of the Moon and approved by the IAU in 1961 (Whitaker, p 232).

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