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Harden - on the floor of Mendeleev

Lat: 5.44°N, Long: 143.84°E, Diam: 15.71 km, Depth: 2.75 km, Rükl: (farside)

external image normal_Mendeleev.jpg

external image normal_harden-clem1.jpg

Left: LOI-116-M Right: Clementine


LPOD Photo Gallery Lunar Orbiter Images Apollo Images

  • Although the LPI has no search list for orbital Apollo photographs which show crater Harden, it was photographed during several missions of project Apollo!- DannyCaes Jan 10, 2010
  • The typical bowl/cone-shape of crater Harden is noticeable on Apollo 16's orbital ITEK-panoramic frame AS16-P-4193. Harden was captured a little bit to the left of the frame's centre.
  • Harden's partially illuminated interior and sunlit eastern inner slopes were captured on Apollo 16's ITEK-frames AS16-P-4757 and AS16-P-4762. Harden is seen on the "left half" of both frames.
  • A small mountain located slightly westward of Harden was captured on Apollo 16's ITEK-frame AS16-P-4761. Note the shallow depression at the summit!
  • Another look at this mountain is Apollo 16's ITEK-frame AS16-P-4932.
  • Research Apollo 16's orbital ITEK-panoramic frames: Danny Caes


(LAC zone 66C1) LTO map




Additional Information


  • Named for Sir Arthur Harden (1865-1940), a British chemist and Nobel laureate.
  • The small mount immediately west of Harden is unofficially called Mons Harden (or Mount Harden) by D.Caes.

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