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Lat: 14.6°S, Long: 158.5°E, Diam: 34 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside), Upper Imbrian

external image normal_geiger-lo-ii_075_m.jpgGeiger.jpg
left:Lunar Orbiter II . right: LROC


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- AS17-150-22979 shows a Concentric Crater south-east of Geiger (near Geiger L). The Concentric Crater itself is noticeable near the frame's right margin. This CC is mentioned as "number 19" in C.A.Wood's list published in 1978.
- The above mentioned Concentric Crater is also noticeable a little bit above and near the centres of frames AS17-M-1114 and AS17-M-1396, and also at stereo-frames AS17-P-1951 / AS17-P-1956 (on these two stereo-frames one doesn't have to scroll toward the right, the CC is already visible without scrolling).
- Research orbital Apollo 17 photography: Danny Caes
- Concentric Crater "number 19" was also captured on Lunar Orbiter 2's frame 075-h1.
- Geiger R, a crater west-southwest of Geiger itself, was captured in Apollo 8's photograph AS8-13-2326. The western part of Geiger's rim and floor are visible near the frame's left margin. Research: Danny Caes
Hires-scan of Apollo 8 photograph: David Woods and Frank O'Brien (Apollo 8 Flight Journal).


(LAC zone 85D3) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


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Additional Information

Concentric Crater near Geiger L. This CC is the 19th item in C.A.wood's catalog of Concentric Craters (1978).


Johannes Hans Wilhelm; German physicist, inventor of radiation detector (1882-1945).

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