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Lat: 48.7°N, Long: 10.6°E, Diam: 37 km, Depth: 0.43 km, [/R%C3%BCkl%205 Rükl: 5]

external image normal_egede_040807_03h26tu.jpgexternal image Egede_LO_iv_103_h3.jpg
Left: François Emond Right: LOIV-103-H3

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LPOD Photo Gallery Lunar Orbiter Images
Egede G, the 3th item in C.A.Wood's list of Concentric Craters (1978) is noticeable near the lower left corner of Lunar Orbiter 4's photograph LOIV-104-h1. The location of Egede G is very near the northeastern end of Vallis Alpes. The proximity of the well-known Vallis Alpes is noticeable on LOIV-110-h3 (near the lower margin of the frame).
Research: Danny Caes


([/LAC%20zone LAC zone] 13D4) LAC map Geologic map


Description: Elger

([/IAU%20Directions IAU Directions]) EGEDE.--A lozenge-shaped formation, about 18 miles from corner to corner, bounded by walls scarcely more than 400 feet in height. It is consequently only traceable under very oblique illumination.

Description: Wikipedia


Additional Information

  • Depth data from [/Kurt%20Fisher%20crater%20depths Kurt Fisher database]
    Westfall, 2000: 0.43 km
    Viscardy, 1985: 0.42 km
    Cherrington, 1969: 0.7 km
  • Satellite crater Egede A is on the [/ALPO%20list%20of%20bright%20ray%20craters ALPO list of bright ray craters].
  • Egede A has a ray pattern with a missing V of rays - this was an oblique impact.
  • Egede G is the 3th item in C.A.Wood's list of Concentric Craters (1978).


  • Named for Hans Egede (January 31, 1686,–November 5, 1758), a Norwegian Lutheran missionary, called the Apostle of Greenland.
  • According to [/Whitaker Whitaker] (p. 219), this name was introduced by [/M%C3%A4dler Mädler].

LPOD Articles

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