Dorsum Lambert

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Dorsum Lambert

(disallowed name)

Lat: 25.8°N, Long: 21.0°W, Length: 30 km, Height: km, Rükl: 20

external image normal_lambert_031007_02h57tu.jpg
François Emond The ridge extending out from Lambert to the lower right is the one for which the name Dorsum Lambert was proposed (but not allowed by the IAU). This portion of the ridge also seems to be regarded as the northeast rim of the 55-km diameter ghost crater Lambert R.


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Dorsum Lambert

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  • Named for the nearby crater (Lambert).
  • This name was provisionally introduced (along with Dorsa Stille and Mons Undest, on LTO-40B4, where it is listed as a replacement for Lambert R. This new name was not accepted by the IAU, and hence it is among the many invalid names appearing on the LTO charts. The feature labeled was a small portion of the ridge that runs from Lambert to Pytheas G. This particular segment can be thought of as a part of the east rim of Lambert R (see USGS nomenclature PDF for LAC-40). The objection seems to have been that dorsa (ridges) are supposed to be named after earth scientists, rather than nearby craters. The fact that Lambert (the man) introduced a projection helpful for mapping the Earth does not seem to qualify him as an Earth scientist.

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