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Lat: 72.9°S, Long: 43.2°E, Diam: 97 km, Depth: 3.99 km, Rükl: 74

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V.Brodale, Janssen, Rimae Janssen (upper left corner) to Demonax (lower right) and Boguslawsky (left of Demonax) (Southern highlands). Boussingault is above Boguslawsky.


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- Although it is not mentioned in the LPI's search-list of orbital Apollo photographs, the crater called Boguslawsky WAS photographed during the mission of Apollo 15. It was captured a little bit above and to the left of centre of frame AS15-95-12988.
- Research: Danny Caes


(LAC zone 138C1) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


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Additional Information


  • Palm Heinrich Ludwig von Boguslawsky (September 7, 1789 – June 5, 1851) was a Polish/German astronomy professor and observatory director in Breslau. Boguslawski detected a comet in 1835 and estimated its course. For this, the comet was named after him. He also did valuable observations and calculations of Biela's, Encke's and Halley's Comets, published contributions in astronomy magazines and participated in the publication of the magazine Uranus from 1842 to 1851.
  • Boguslawsky B, a crater near the moon's southern limb, was called Cortés by Wilkins and Paluzie-Borrell, but the I.A.U. did not accept that name.
  • Cortés (Martin Cortés) was a Spanish explorer.

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"Cortés": THE MOON by H.P.Wilkins and P.Moore.