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Arzachel, with Rimae Arzachel on its floor

Lat: 18.2°S, Long: 1.9°W, Diam: 96 km, Depth: 3.61 km, Rükl: 55, Lower Imbrian

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Wes Higgins


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The last eleven oblique south-looking frames of Apollo 16's Fairchild-camera magazine Revolution 26 show Arzachel near the curved horizon. Research Danny Caes.
Arzachel is also noticeable on the last oblique south-looking photographs of Apollo 16's magazine Revolution 48. One of these photographs is AS16-M-2477 (Arzachel between Alphonsus and the curved horizon). Research Danny Caes.


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Description: Elger

(IAU Directions) ARZACHEL.--Another magnificent object, associated on the N. with Alphonsus, about 66 miles in diameter, and encircled by a massive complex rampart, rising at one point more than 13,000 feet above a depressed floor. It presents some very suggestive examples of terraces and large depressions, the latter especially well seen on the S.W. The bright interior includes a large central mountain with a digitated base on the S.W., some smaller hills on the S. of it, a deep crater E. of it (with small craters N. and S.), and, between the crater and the foot of the E. wall, a very curious winding cleft.

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  • Al-Zarqali (in full Abu Ishaq Ibrahim ibn Yahya Al-Zarqali, rendered as Arzachel in Latin) (1028–1087 CE), was a leading Arab mathematician and the foremost astronomer of his time. He flourished in Toledo in Castile, now Spain. Combining theoretical knowledge with technical skill, he excelled at the construction of precision instruments for astronomical use. He constructed a flat astrolabe that was 'universal,' for it could be used at any latitude, and he built a water clock capable of determining the hours of the day and night and indicating the days of the lunar months.
  • Arzachel Gamma (the central peak of Arzachel) (see Chart 82 in the Times Atlas of the Moon).

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