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Lat: 38.5°N, Long: 124.7°E, Diam: 43 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)

external image normal_tesla-clem1.jpg
Tesla at centre, the southeastern part of nearby H.G.Wells in the upper left corner.


LPOD Photo Gallery Lunar Orbiter Images

Tesla and nearby H.G.Wells captured in Apollo 16 photography

  • Part of H.G.Wells was captured in Apollo 16's Fairchild-camera photograph AS16-M-3000 which was made during Trans Earth Coast (TEC). In this photograph, H.G.Wells is noticeable in the frame's lower right corner, with the shadowed interior of Tesla slightly leftward of it.
  • Research: Danny Caes


(LAC zone 30C2) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


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Nikola; Croatian-American inventor (1856-1943).
Probably the greatest of all inventors.

LPOD Articles


-About Nikola Tesla himself:
Margaret Cheney: Tesla; Man out of Time (Dorset Press, 1981), or: Simon and Schuster, 2001.
John A. Keel: Our Hounted Planet (Fawcett Publications, 1971).

Nikola Tesla in the Sourcebook Project (William R. Corliss)

It's not a surprise to find the name Tesla in one or more sourcebooks compiled by William R. Corliss.
Tesla is mentioned on page 408 in the book Mysterious Universe, a handbook of astronomical anomalies (1979); in the article Marking on Mars (British Astronomical Association, 1900) :
  • A telegram fom New York appearing in the Standard of january 4, says that Mr.Tesla is prepared to construct a machine which will carry sufficient energy to Mars to operate delicate telephone and telegraph instruments.

Of course, we are talking here of the era in which intelligent life on Mars was supposed to be a possible fact, and to try to communicate with the Martian civilisation was the topic of the day.