Rimae Hase

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Rimae Hase

Lat: 29.4°S, Long: 62.5°E, Length: 83 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 59

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Rimae Hase

Additional Information

The railroad at the southwestern part of the rim of Petavius, and Rimae Hase

  • I can't imagine it's a totally new discovery, this railroad-like feature on the southwestern part of the rim of Petavius. What is it? It seems to start just east of Wrottesley (the crater which is touching the west-northwestern part of the rim of Petavius) and it runs all the way to the southeast through the bowl-shaped crater Petavius C, and... much further across the unimpressive craters Hase and Hase D, until it meets Rimae Hase (or... are the railroad and Rimae Hase perhaps one and the same feature?). - DannyCaes Jan 4, 2016


Named from nearby crater. (Hase)

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