Rimae Gassendi

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Rimae Gassendi

Lat: 18.0°S, Long: 40.0°W, Length: 70 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 52

external image normal_Rimae_Gassendi_LO-IV-143H_LTVT-labeled.JPG
LO-IV-143H The current IAU name refers to the complex rille system of the floor-fractured crater Gassendi. The Roman numerals are from the earlier IAU-approved System of Lunar Craters as shown on the accompanying Lunar Quadrant maps. Unfortunately the only readily available reproduction was insufficiently clear to identify the old Rima Gassendi III. It is most likely the north-south rille above the tip of the "VII" arrow. The image without the labels is also available. The SLC included two outlying Gassendi rilles (VIII and IX), far to the west near Gassendi F.


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Rimae Gassendi

Additional Information


  • The IAU Planetary Gazetteer describes these rilles as being "within crater" (Gassendi).
  • Mary Blagg's Collated List of 1913 included four rilles (catalog entries 2408-2411) associated with Gassendi, one of which (catalog entries 2410) denotes a complex of rilles "in Gassendi".
  • Only two of the rille designations (catalog entries 2409 and 2411) were retained as Roman-numeraled rilles in the original IAU nomenclature of Blagg and Müller. Both of these (Ir and IIr) lie outside Gassendi, to the west. Their locations are shown on an interpretation by the Army Map Service. Gassendi Ir runs south from Gassendi G, while Gassendi IIr runs south from Gassendi F.
  • The University of Arizona completely rewrote the earlier nomenclature in preparing its System of Lunar Craters. The previously unnumbered rilles inside Gassendi were given the names Rima Gassendi I through VII (as illustrated above, and on SLC chart F6). The former Gassendi Ir was combined with Mersenius Ir to create a new and longer Rima Mersenius I, while the former Gassendi IIr became Rima Gassendi VIII and IX.
  • The current nomenclature map in the IAU-approved(?) USGS Digital Atlas seems to confine the definition of Rimae Gassendi' to the fractures on the floor of Gassendi and excludes the SLCs Rima Gassendi VIII and IX.

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